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  1. ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

    ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

    The motor neurone disease ALS has received some much needed publicity and incredible charity donations are being made thanks to the Ice Bucket Challenge that’s sweeping across social media this summer. So when the gauntlet was thrown down to METHOD IT, how could we refuse…

  2. Internet as a utility

    Internet as a utility not a profitable service – I just saw a woman’s presentation on this and I cannot agree more, it is simply a human need not a privledge. I wish I took more notes of who she was etc. but she is damn right!!

  3. TNW2012 Thoughts

    TNW2012 – Tech conferences serve a purpose. For me inspiration for the most as well as sadly getting vibe what what is new and up coming. This should be easy to do via following the speakers but it is consolidated, so like a once a year detox. There is a shift as the speakers seem […]

  4. When is it Time to Scale?

    When to scale is something most companies never think about in my experience, even though they are dreaming of massive sales and hits. Scaling can be hard, if is not thought about from the beginning. Both vertical (most of time splitting the the app server from the db server and horizontal scaling (mostly preparing for […]

  5. Open Source vs. Microsoft and a couple of Macs

    I have been in IT for 15 years and this debate has always been on my mind. My current philosophy is LAMP are the backbone of the internet as well as the web developer’s platform of choice. They are stable and with good admin, hardening and securing, just let them go. But I have to […]

  6. The state of the general office network

    A general windows based network should work like the PBX system. With windows networks properly secured and setup at the server level (good Admin) , there should be minimum need for desktop support. Other then setup of new users and workstations IT help desk costs should costs should be minimum and mostly at the server […]