Recycle Electronic Waste & Old IT Equipment in Japan


Getting rid of old IT equipment in Japan can be difficult and very time consuming. METHOD IT simplifies the e-cycling process so that your company can keep doing what it does best. Recycle your electronic waste (e-waste) with us today!

Imagine this common business scenario: you’ve just upgraded your company’s Tokyo office with brand-new tech equipment. A couple workstations here, several laptops there, smartphones for all employees, a printer, and a server. Great! But on the other hand, over there in the corner, you now have a heap of retired and broken hardware just taking up space. While you know that occupied space is incredibly valuable – with it being Tokyo and all – you have no idea how to properly remove these relics from the company’s humble beginnings.

recycle electronic waste and old IT equipment
Don't let your old IT equipment pile up. Recycle it!

That’s where METHOD IT steps in! We will recycle your old technology equipment professionally, safely, and securely. Here are just a few key benefits you’ll reap for choosing us to help with your e-cycling needs in Japan!

Recycle Electronic Waste in Japan The Simple Way

Navigating the intricacies of Japan’s electronic waste (e-waste) recycling procedures can be difficult and time consuming… especially if communicating in Japanese is not a strong point. Unfortunately, that may steer good-intentioned folks away – potentially resulting in improper disposal of their electronics. METHOD IT has vast experience in handling e-waste correctly: from collecting your old IT equipment safely on-site, preparing and transferring them over to local, certified recyclers in Japan who will carry out the rest accordingly. Finally, we provide you with an easy to digest summary of the transaction. That said, if you require a solution that prevents your company from wasting time and energy, get in touch with us!

Secure Data Destruction and E-Cycling 

professional hard drive wiping services in Tokyo
We use tried and true methods of proper data destruction and sanitization in Japan.

Another major concern with recycling e-waste is failure to destroy sensitive information from components such as hard drives. As you can safely assume, this leads to dangerous consequences like security leaks. For example, take this famous story where journalists bought a hard drive in Ghana that contained US secrets. A nightmare like that could have been avoided with greater data destruction measures in place.

data destruction services tokyo
Performing data destruction on the attached HDD for a client in Tokyo. The photo shows the wiping process has successfully completed, indicated by the status of "PASS.
zero filling data destruction method
Zero filling method of data destruction about to be performed on a hard disk drive.

METHOD IT completely understands the incredible damage that data leaks can cause, so we give extreme care and attention to performing professional data wiping. Some of the methods we use are DoD 5220.22-M “3-pass” erasure, zero filling, physical platter breakage / drilling, and providing our clients with a physical Certificate of Destruction which includes details and images of the process.

Reducing Japan’s Overabundance of E-Waste

Let’s look at the greater picture for a moment. Electronic waste is currently one of the biggest global issues and a burden we all must bear. According to the Global E-waste Monitor, “A record 53.6 million metric tonnes (Mt) of e-waste was reported generated worldwide in 2019, up 9.2 Mt​ in five years.” And that same year, 9.3 million Mt was documented as collected and recycled. While that may seem like a lot, it’s merely 17.4% of the grand total.

e-waste collection rate and statistics japan

Here in Japan, 2.5 million Mt was generated with only 22% collected. Although that percentage had slightly improved over the years leading up, it needs to be higher. With so much unaccounted e-waste — and not to mention the toxic substances they release into the soil and water — METHOD IT is committed to helping solve this massive ecological problem.

Peace of Mind – Recycling Feels Great

recycle electronic waste feels great

And last but not least, there’s the peace of mind that comes from contributing to an important cause. Knowing that your company is pitching in to help Japan (and the world) cleanup its mega e-waste problem is proof positive of eco-friendly involvement. And not only is that something you can feel good aboutyour company’s effort will set a good example for others to follow.