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METHOD IT Projects

METHOD IT Projects is a convenient and low-cost system of breaking potentially large IT projects into smaller, manageable, containable parts prior to long-term support contracts.

METHOD IT offers companies SLA projects with comprehensive support. We have a long track record of project that were competed on time and on budget.

Office Moves

Procurement of the latest infrastructure solutions such as Cisco Meraki wireless set up and support. Structured cabling, project management, logistics and close relations with building managers.


We provide cloud migration solutions including companies wanting to move to Office 365 and network audits which allow clients to establish organized and easy-to-manage systems.

Case Study

The key to METHOD IT Projects being a success is that we offer ongoing support after the project is completed. An example of this is a young company, in the film industry, who approached us to help them have better and more organized IT. 

The initial project was based on understanding all of their business needs and making recommendations regarding the company having the simplest, most cost-effective, mobile, secure and enterprise-grade software. The client chose Office 365, which was migrated to from G Suite, because it allowed better and more organized IT. Subsequent to this we gave them three months support to make sure they could work out all the potential of the new software to fit specific needs. 

The same client then asked us to actualize his website, not only a brochure site but to figure out how to monetize it as well as give it incredible functionality to help him stand out in his industry. We provided web design and development in a cost-effective and manageable manner.

We bridge the gap with IT as a service

METHOD IT Projects

Office 365 Migrations

For the best business essential software

IT Audits

So you know what you have and what you are paying for

Website Refreshes

Design, development, WordPress migrations and hosting

Office Moves

Wireless networks, cabling, workstations, logistics, and more

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