Back Office Systems

Any organization will benefit from a solid back office system that helps them compete and stay on top of day-to-day operations. We offer a range of software development and middleware solutions to streamline processes, build on client relations, boost performance and increase efficiency.


Your Concerns

  • I need an Intranet system for our company that gathers all our data and documents into one place, streamlines internal communications, allows us to quickly and easily share information, improves staff collaboration and lets us know exactly where each of us is at with our work. It would be even better if this system was accessible from anywhere on any device.
  • We spend so much time processing staff expenses, I wish this could be automated somehow.
  • I would love to know exactly who my important clients are, what is going on with my sales pipeline and be able to forecast more accurately at the touch of a button.
  • I want to have automatically calculated KPIs to help HR identify the stars in my organization.
  • I need better visibility on stock and resources and better communication between logistics, subcontracts, clients and the office.
  • I would like to automate my standard operating procedures to ensure compliance and governance using workflows.
  • I have this idea to build a management system for my organization but don't know how to get started.
  • I need somebody to develop a custom Application Programming Interface (API) to make our system's data available on our intranet or the Internet.
  • I need expert help in setting up a database to my organization's very specific needs.

Why Choose METHOD IT?

  • We are a certified Microsoft Japan Partner, servicing international businesses in Asia since 2004.
  • We can build an Intranet tailor-made for your organization using Microsoft SharePoint Server.
    SharePoint is a web application platform that simplifies and accelerates the exchange of information internally, offering document management, content management, in-house information portals, advanced search, business process sharing, real-time collaboration/group file editing, and remote access from any device.
    On the back-end, SharePoint provides IT professionals and developers with the platform and tools they need for server administration, application extensibility, and interoperability.
    SharePoint provides a base platform from which we use building block features to deliver custom solutions and applications for your business. Building products on a foundation like this is a proven way to maximize productivity and delivery turnaround to customers while maintaining quality and security.
    SharePoint can be fully integrated with other Microsoft products like Office 365, Exchange, Outlook and Dynamics CRM.
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  • We offer Microsoft Dynamics CRM as our Customer Relationship Management platform of choice for small to medium-sized businesses.
    Dynamics CRM is a solid alternative to which manages everything from client contacts and communications through mail merged marketing campaigns.
    Fully customizable, Dynamics CRM can be adapted to fit the most complex sales pipelines with relatively little work. For the majority of cases the out-of-the-box functionality will be more than sufficient.
    With its own reporting tools, Dynamics CRM is capable of displaying rich dashboards to give you an instant insight into the health of your business.
    Dynamics can be fully integrated with other Microsoft products like SharePoint, Exchange, Outlook and Office 365.
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  • We can help your organization with developing ERP and CRM systems customized to your needs. These systems are capable or processing or assisting with many of businesses common functions such as tracking sales leads, keeping an eye on stock and resources, ultimately pulling together different areas of the business and making sure the ball doesn’t get dropped.
  • Our skilled consultants can help you review your business processes and identify areas suited to automations and workflows.
  • We have experience in developing and customizing Application Programming Interfaces (API) to meet an extremely varied range of client needs. These interfaces are the cornerstone of any service-oriented architecture, allowing big complex enterprise systems to be broken up into individual modules that can communicate with each other. APIs also allow you to integrate third-party products into your existing systems, or open them up to the Internet.
  • We have years of experience developing in the major languages and platforms used by everyone from small businesses all the way up to enterprise level such as .NET, Java, PHP and Python. If your web developers are baffled by your statistical analysis algorithm or intimidated by talk of API integrations, we are waiting to hear from you.
  • It is vital to make sure your valuable data gets the attention it deserves. We have a thorough process for database coding and administration, covering analysis of requirements, potential uses, efficiency, compatibility with other systems, security, compliance, health-checks and backup policy.