1. Check Out Apple’s New Hardware (April 2021)

    Check Out Apple’s New Hardware (April 2021)

    In case you missed it, tech giant Apple held their first hardware announcement of 2021 on April 20th! Join us as we give you the highlights from this huge event. New iPad Pro – M1 Chip Finds Another Home The new iPad Pro‘s CPU is reported to be 50% faster than the previous year’s; also […]

  2. Update Your Firewall

    Update Your Firewall

    Keeping your network up-to-date and secure is an ongoing process. As part of this process it is highly recommended to give your hardware firewall some attention – often left on their own after installation (or updated only annually), these silent protectors ensure your networks are safe from active threats.

  3. WFH – Get What you Need to Succeed

    WFH – Get What you Need to Succeed

    As Tokyo and the rest of Japan push more recommendations on work from home, we at METHOD IT realized many of our friends and customers need the flexibility to get a personalized setup that works to help bring your office to your home. The METHOD IT Procurement Shop is here to get you all you need to succeed – with great prices and easy-to-understand packages.

  4. New in Teams – Together Mode and More

    New in Teams – Together Mode and More

    As more and more of us look set to work remotely for the long term, we all need a group chat platform that is reliable, secure, and feels comfortable to use. Microsoft continues to announce new features to improve collaboration for teleworkers in Teams, including the unique ‘Together mode’ and meetings for up to 300 participants.