TNW2012 Thoughts


TNW2012 – Tech conferences serve a purpose. For me inspiration for the most as well as sadly getting vibe what what is new and up coming. This should be easy to do via following the speakers but it is consolidated, so like a once a year detox.

There is a shift as the speakers seem to be moving forward so fast in an aggressive way under the flag of innovation, that it seems once again we are not fast enough, which says more about their fear then ours.

The quote that sits with me most, was the older speaker from the WSJ Europe who said email is dead so Twitter is best. Really, if that is true I know a lot of smart people who will be missed, and I blame the Twitter client, not the Twitter philosophy.

I guess my other notion was the young startups who flock for funding, but I don’t think they are there. It is an ego contest on the other big side. But with all that I think I can see what is coming and going.

Amsterdam is cool as hell, kind of a mix between Germans and English if I may say without insult to anyone. Ice again short beers? Tall people, but good weather and Amsterdam is true to itself.