Managed Services

  1. Managed Services for Japan

    Managed Services for Japan

    Need an IT Partner in Tokyo? METHOD IT offers IT services and solutions to companies in Japan. We have a passion for the latest business technologies and service with a personal touch.

  2. IT サポートパッケージ 2019

    IT サポートパッケージ 2019

  3. IT Support Packages 2019

    IT Support Packages 2019

    High-level IT Consulting, Project Management & Development - Introducing our new Shift Support and OnDemand Support packages for 2019
  4. IT Resourcing + Consulting

    IT Resourcing + Consulting

    Professional, bilingual, elite IT resources for Asia-Pacific, backed up with the best IT engineering talent.

  5. Admin & Support

    Admin & Support

    Having trouble staying on top of your office technology in Tokyo or Hong Kong? Let us handle IT. We offer customizable admin and support solutions to cover every hardware, software or network eventuality, acting as your on-call IT experts or bolstering your in-house team.

  6. IT Management

    IT Management

    Be pro-active, not reactive, and discover your tech problems before they discover you. We provide IT management, monitoring, audits and assessments, all tailor-made for your organization on a one-off or contract basis.