Managed Services

  1. Here to Help

    Here to Help

    First let us start by saying that during these difficult times, we wish for the safety and health of all our clients, their users, and their families. Our mutual health and safety is paramount. METHOD IT has been working in Japan for over 15 years, and as many of our long-term clients and friends will know, this is not the first difficult time we have weathered together.

  2. IT Parts & Hot Spares Storage

    IT Parts & Hot Spares Storage

    Our IT parts and spares storage service is offered to both local and international clients. We keep all equipment in a climate controlled, secure location in Tokyo and have a fast turnaround for installation or replacement.

  3. Mobile Device Management

    Mobile Device Management

    MDM (Mobile Device Management) allows METHOD IT to support all your machines remotely – desktops, laptops, phones, and tablets – keeping them secure and up-to-date with incredible speed and service.

  4. Field Technicians Wanted

    Field Technicians Wanted

    Live in Japan? Looking to get experience in the IT field? Like computers or have an interest in technology? Want to make some extra cash on flexible shifts? If yes, join the METHOD IT Field Technician Network!

  5. IT Resourcing

    IT Resourcing

    METHOD IT offers resourcing services for firms who require full-time IT professionals. We have a comprehensive database of talent as well as maintaining strong partnerships with some of the leading recruitment companies in Japan. | METHOD IT では、フルタイムのIT担当者を必要とする企業に向けて、雇用のお手伝いをしています。私たちはIT人材の幅広いデータベースを持ち、日本の大手人材派遣会社との良好なパートナーシップも築いています。

  6. IT Projects

    IT Projects

    METHOD IT Projects is a convenient and low-cost system of breaking potentially large IT projects into smaller, manageable, containable parts prior to long-term support contracts. | METHOD ITプロジェクト は便利で低価格なシステムです。大規模になることが多いITプロジェクトを管理しやすい小規模なパーツに分割してから、長期サポート契約を行います。

  7. Shift SLA Support

    Shift SLA Support

    Redefined Support – Be proactive, not reactive. METHOD IT Shift Support allows companies to have a consistent IT presence which they can fully rely on with a fraction of the cost of hiring a full-time IT employee. | METHOD IT のシフトサポートでは弊社の信頼できるスタッフが一貫したサポートを提供。常勤IT担当者の雇用コストを大幅に削減することができます。

  8. On Demand SLA Support

    On Demand SLA Support

    Having trouble staying on top of your office technology? Let us handle your IT. We offer customizable admin and support solutions to cover every hardware, software or network eventuality, acting as your on-call IT experts or boosting your in-house team. | 社内の技術管理に苦労していませんか?お客様のI TはMETHOD ITにお任せ下さい。私たちはどのようなハードウェア、ソフトウェア、ネットワークにでも対応し、カスタマイズも可能な管理・サポートソリューションを提供しています。いつでも相談可能なI Tのエキスパートとして、また、社内I T部門のバックアップとしてサポートします。

  9. IT Management & Consulting

    IT Management & Consulting

    METHOD IT has a long-held passion for assisting international companies in Japan with their IT. Conducting business in Japan can bring many challenges which we have been dealing with for more than 15 years, witnessing, first hand, what companies have to go through on a daily basis. We are here to help bridge the gap through our experiences in the local and international marketplace. | METHOD IT は日本のインターナショナル企業の支援に情熱をもって取り組んできました。日本でビジネスを展開するためには言葉の違い、日本特有のソフトウェアの取り扱いやローカライゼーション、IT関連資材の調達や製品保証の問題など、乗り越えなければならない課題がいくつもあります。私たちは15年にわたり、このような課題の解決に努め、インターナショナル企業が日々直面する問題を目の当たりにしてきました。日本と世界のマーケットで培ったこれまでの経験を活かして、私たちが架け橋となりお客様をサポートします。

  10. Managed Services | Support | Projects

    Managed Services | Support | Projects

    METHOD IT offers IT services and solutions to companies in Tokyo. We do this because we have a passion for the latest business technologies and service with a genuine personal touch. IT, in today’s climate, is a vital component of every business. | METHOD IT は東京でITサービスとITソリューションを提供しています。私たちは個お客様に合わせたカスタマイズサービスと最新の技術に誇りを持って仕事をしています。