Future-proof Your Business


It is not the strongest that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the ones most responsive to change.  –Charles Darwin


What is Future-proofing?


Future-proofing is the concept and process of applying measures which mitigate the shock and impact of future (and often sudden) events. With a careful and logical futureproofing strategy in place, one can have the assurance that their business is prepared to weather such events while remaining viable for years to come.


What do we look for in a Future-proofing Audit?


Through our future-proofing audit, we will work closely with you to pinpoint the areas of your company’s IT ecosystem that require attention. As part of our future-proofing audit, we will carefully check for and examine the following key areas:


  • Single Point of Failure  単一障害点
  • Disaster Recovery and Redundancy (Backup) 災害復旧と冗長化(バックアップ)
  • Business Continuity  事業継続性
  • Security  セキュリティ
  • High Availability 高可用性
  • Scalability スケーラビリティ
  • Hybrid (Cloud and On-Premise) ハイブリッド(クラウドとオンプレミス)

Cross-Platform Solutions クロスプラットフォーム

Plan of Action


With the information gathered during this audit, we will present to you a future-proofing plan of action along with the recommended technologies and policies to be adopted. In addition, Method IT will carry out the necessary work to implement those technologies into your business smoothly. 


Time to Future-proof Your Business?

フューチャープルーフを検討してみませんか? ​

As technologies improve and new ones emerge (e.g., Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, 5G), and with gradual changes across all industries a given, being aware of the IT trends and staying proactive is critical to keeping your business viable. We can guarantee that if you are not investing the time to do so, your competitors are.


So, if your company’s IT ecosystem has not had a future-proofing audit conducted within the past 3-5 years, we’d urge you to get in touch with us to discuss your needs. Let’s realize a plan together that sees your business moving forward without fear of the future. 


Ready to Future-proof

Your Business?