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METHOD IT offers IT resourcing services for firms who require full-time IT professionals. We have a comprehensive database of IT talent as well as maintaining strong partnerships with some of the leading recruitment companies in Japan. Japan has almost zero unemployment in the IT industry making the task of finding the right person particularly challenging for most companies. METHOD IT has a proven track record in matching the right person for the right company through the use of our extensive recruitment network.


METHOD ITの雇用サポート

METHOD IT では、フルタイムのIT担当者を必要とする企業に向けて、雇用のお手伝いをしています。私たちはIT人材の幅広いデータベースを持ち、日本の大手人材派遣会社との良好なパートナーシップも築いています。日本のIT業界の非雇用率はほぼ0%です。そのため、多くの企業にとって、適切なIT人材を確保するのことが特に困難な状況です。METHOD ITは、独自の広範な人材ネットワークを駆使し、求人と人材をマッチングさせてきました。

Case Study

A long-term international support and management services client required three full-time IT resources for a firm with offices and facilities throughout the country. We, in under 30 days, found all three resources and were able to contract and place them in the right positions. METHOD IT also provides haken* contracts which means we have the capability of dispatching temporary IT staff to companies all over the country.

* Haken (派遣) is the Japanese term for temporary employees dispatched to companies by staffing agencies.


長期にわたってインターナショナルサポートとマネージメントをお手伝いさせて頂いているお客様が、日本に支社を数カ所お持ちの企業様向けにフルタイムのIT人材を3名必要としていました。私たちは一ヶ月の間に3名をマッチングさせ、それぞれの条件に合ったポジションでの契約と配置を完了することができました。 さらに、METHOD ITは、日本全国の企業に向けて、一時的に必要となるIT人材を補填する派遣スタッフの紹介も行っています。

We bridge the gap with IT as a service


Professional, Bilingual IT Resources


Contract Resource

Once-a-week, consistent IT presence to work alongside global IT



Interim Resource

High level senior resource to fill a particular skills gap



Managed Resource

Managed by us to minimize time and administration



Project Resource

Support and skills to meet objectives and deadlines



Why Choose METHOD IT?

METHOD IT が選ばれる理由

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