METHOD IT offers procurement services to our clients to meet their regional needs and international standards. We can purchase laptops, desktops, servers and all-rack infrastructure and also make the best recommendations for your company’s needs. 

We also provide custom-built services in addition to sourcing Japanese keyboards and warranties which eases time management issues. Other services include software management and licensing, office equipment removal and hard disk destruction.

We have many years experience purchasing for clients and can guarantee the best deals available for our customers. Once procured we are able to install custom images and deploy as quickly as possible. We have many reseller agreements in place such as Microsoft Japan D-VAR for Surface devices, in addition to partnerships with Microsoft, Cisco, HP, Dell, UPS, Panduit and many more.

Unique to Japan, METHOD IT customers can browse our B2B Procurement Shop in English, adding IT services such as onsite setup and data migration to the shopping cart together with hardware or software purchases.

We are also happy to hear from clients regarding their specifications and requirements.

METHOD IT is a proud proponent of proper recycling and environmentally-aware practices. METHOD IT strives to help companies with Corporate Social Responsibility. 

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New Arrivals


Empower your teams with the best of Microsoft Surface devices for the modern workplace - from the ultra-portable for use out in the field, to studio desktop powerhouse and interactive whiteboard.

Manage secure, stable, and scalable wireless networks from anywhere. Just one of the many reasons we’re head over heels for Meraki Wi-Fi gear, and think you should be too. Find out more about our one-stop service for supercharging your office wireless.


We’ll get all your office tech up and running smoothly and stress-free, with bilingual support from native speakers. Whether you’re starting from scratch or moving an existing set up we’ll take care of everything – procurement, networks, workstations, laptops, servers, IP phones – you name IT.

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    Make the Shift – Windows 10

    高い生産性と充実したコラボレーションを実現する優れたツールをご提供します。 最新 Office を搭載した新しい Windows 10 モダン PC は、ビジネスと企業データを保護し、リモート作業や既存 IT との統合を可能にします。
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