Private Cloud

The Method Managed private cloud solution is a powerful, reliable and scalable modern IT infrastructure at your disposal. Built on redundant systems using industry standard trusted manufacturers, Method Managed gives you the resources you need when you need them without any of the hassle of maintaining your own servers.


Your Concerns

  • When I'm out of the office I cant get to my files or mail when I need them.
  • It's frustratingly slow to access our systems from outside the office.
  • I can't use my smartphone or tablet to check mail and files while I'm on the move. I wish I could use the applications I know on a device of my choosing.
  • The server equipment in the office makes too much noise and gets hot and dusty.
  • I don't want to have to worry about expensive building works, air-conditioning, power outages, software updates, security patches and hardware failures.
  • I hate having to pay for expensive server equipment that always seems to break after the warranty, and then have to wait weeks to procure replacements.
  • I want to reduce my cost of ownership, electricity bills, and make the office a more peaceful place to work.
  • I want to be able scale my IT expenditure up and down in pace with my business.
  • The Cloud sounds great but I'm worried about outages, backups and security. I need a proper support agreement, and a solution tailored to meet my needs.
  • I don't like the idea of opaque systems where I don't know where my data is and who has access to it.

Why Choose METHOD IT?

  • Our remote access and site-to-site VPN solutions allows users to seamlessly connect directly to their systems in our private cloud in a secure, encrypted manner using any device* they like, whether they are on the go or in the office.
  • Virtualizing our clients' servers and deploying them on our system will get rid of those power guzzling noisy servers in the office. You also needn't worry about power outages as our datacenter has multiple redundant power systems to ensure our clients are always up-and-running.
  • We offer a range or bandwidths to make sure you get the best speeds without the cost of your own high speed internet connection.
  • In addition to providing our clients with secure, reliable, tailor-made infrastructure, we also provide a range of support for server operating systems and middleware. We can take care of user management, upgrades and patches for both Microsoft and Linux.
  • Our services go even further still to provide completely managed or hybrid solutions for Active Directory, Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft SharePoint.
  • Our Japanese systems are all located in Shinjuku, Tokyo, so our clients know exactly where they are. We document our infrastructure and networks clearly for our clients so they have complete transparency – seeing exactly where their information is and where it goes.
  • As part of our inclusive support package we can monitor and report on your infrastructure so you can plan ahead and stay on top rather than play catchup. We can help with keeping all your software up-to-date with a choice of management systems.
  • With Method Managed you pay for what you use, nothing more. All other costs are inclusive and as such reduce total cost of ownership and make budgeting a far easier task.
  • As your users grow so will your needs. We can scale resources such as Storage, RAM and CPU as and when required. Up or down.
  • We are constantly improving and upgrading our equipment to make sure we always have the latest and greatest. You can rest assured that our redundant systems allow for continued service in the event of any hardware failures**
  • * Using Cisco AnyConnect we are able to support iOS, macOS, Android and Windows devices
  • ** Full redundancy is available in accordance with the necessary package and resource allocations