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  1. Open Source vs. Microsoft and a couple of Macs

    I have been in IT for 15 years and this debate has always been on my mind. My current philosophy is LAMP are the backbone of the internet as well as the web developer’s platform of choice. They are stable and with good admin, hardening and securing, just let them go. But I have to […]

  2. The state of the general office network

    A general windows based network should work like the PBX system. With windows networks properly secured and setup at the server level (good Admin) , there should be minimum need for desktop support. Other then setup of new users and workstations IT help desk costs should costs should be minimum and mostly at the server […]

  3. No laptop needed?

    The more I use my iPhone the less I need my laptop and it is weird as I have carried a laptop everywhere for over the last 10-15 years. I know this is not news but with Exchange and Sharepoint as the office back-end I can pretty much do everything via the phone, and it […]

  4. Using the Datacenter as your Machine Room

    Over the last few years we kept all our servers in-house, but now that Dell has D-Rack, great remote access tools, fast bandwidth and our data-center is now thinking green, Virtual Server now evolved, blade technology proving itself saving space. I have trouble thinking of a reason to keeping them in-house?

  5. Working from Home via VPN

    As a business manager I always wonder if productivity would be higher if I forced my people to come in everyday. When we do get together, I think it turns into a never ending meeting of brain storming always putting us 2 projects ahead in focus. Mostly that maybe a leadership and focus issue? It […]

  6. Thoughts on IT Security

    The most interesting part of doing security consulting in my experience is business owners worrying if the firewall is strong enough and of course industry standard still have flaws and exploits. I believe most are trying to lock the front door but leave the backdoor wide open, not too many thieves I have heard of […]