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Bridging the Gap


METHOD IT has a long-held passion for assisting international companies in Japan. Conducting business in Japan can bring several challenges such as language problems, localized software, procurement and warranties. We have been dealing with such issues for more than 15 years and have witnessed, first hand, what companies have to go through on a daily basis.  We are here to help bridge the gap through our experiences in the local and international marketplace.

We also consult foreign entrepreneurs in Japan who require assistance making decisions regarding IT requirements which can be tailor-made for their companies. We have the resources to deal with multiplatform problems in addition to finding the most cost effective methods.

METHOD IT は日本のインターナショナル企業の支援に情熱をもって取り組んできました。日本でビジネスを展開するためには言葉の違い、日本特有のソフトウェアの取り扱いやローカライゼーション、IT関連資材の調達や製品保証の問題など、乗り越えなければならない課題がいくつもあります。私たちは15年にわたり、このような課題の解決に努め、インターナショナル企業が日々直面する問題を目の当たりにしてきました。日本と世界のマーケットで培ったこれまでの経験を活かして、私たちが架け橋となりお客様をサポートします。


Bilingual 'Man in Japan'

Between the Branch Manager and Global IT

Cost-effective Outsourced CTO

IT Strategy
IT 戦略

IT Budgeting
IT 予算管理

Interim CTO Service

Project Management
プロジェクト マネージメント


12 Step Program


12 ステップ プログラム

Making recommendations is sometimes not as easy as just giving a solution to a problem. To be good consultants, many other things need to be considered. This includes:


  • The total cost of ownership (TCO) of the solution: This is cost over five years as a benchmark
    総保有コスト(TCO: Total Cost of Ownership):ベンチマークとして5年間のソリューション保有コストを算出。
  • Scalable & Robust: Will it grow and shrink with organization?
  • Security: Is the solution protected, does it have a proven track record
  • Backup: Can the solution be backed up and how? (Compliant)
  • Deployment & Support: What is the level of the solution's support? Upgrades?
  • Platform Agnostic: Will it work on all platforms (Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android, etc.) BYOD
  • Industry standard: Compliance, has it proven itself and stood the test of time?
  • Tested: What has our experience with the solution been? (as well as what is the web gossip)
    実績:ソリューションに関するネット上の評価も含め、METHOD ITの経験の考察。
  • Multilingual: The world is big and users like their native language
  • API and Integration: Can it talk to or work with other systems?
  • Easy to use: Is the UI good/easy for training, does it feel right?
  • Team: All recommendations need to be signed off by three METHOD IT engineers or managers
    METHOD ITチームによる承認:全ての推奨や提案はMETHOD ITのエンジニアまたはマネージャーの3名が検討および検証し署名した場合のみ実行されるシステムを採用。

We bridge the gap with IT as a service


Be pro-active, not reactive, and discover your tech problems before they discover you. We provide IT management, monitoring, audits and assessments, all tailor-made for your organization on a one-off Project or contract basis.

問題が発生してから対処するのではなく、技術的な問題を予測し、先回りして対策を準備しましょう。 私たちはITマネージメント、モニタリング、システム監査、評価を全てカスタマイズし、プロジェクトベースまたは契約ベースで提供しています。

Your Concerns


  • I don't know exactly what IT equipment I have, or what is getting old or about to break.
  • I see this new technology coming and it sounds like its going to fix everything, but I need a second opinion.
  • I don't know how secure my systems are or if my network is configured properly.
  • I need to keep tabs on all the activity on my corporate network.
  • I need to scale my organization's IT up or down but I'm not sure how to go about it.
  • I need a monthly report that covers all goings-on with my IT.
  • I need some IT equipment but don't know exactly what to choose or how to go about getting it.
  • I need someone to handle my IT on the ground in Japan that speaks my language.
  • I'm concerned about managing cost when working with external IT companies.
  • I need someone with experience in Asian languages and markets to manage the localization of a software package or website content for Asia.

Why Choose METHOD IT?

METHOD IT が選ばれる理由

  • We can send engineers on-site to conduct extensive and detailed audits giving you an easy-to-read map of all your IT assets. We can tell you what is covered by warranty what isn’t, what will probably need replacing in the next six months, what has anti-virus protection and what hasn’t, how susceptible you are to security breaches, cyber-attacks and malware risks – putting you in control of your IT by allowing you to take a proactive approach.

  • As part of a complete IT management package, we can offer you a scheduled monthly meeting to review support issues and tasks, infrastructure monitoring, server errors and backup reporting, upcoming upgrades and migrations, documentation, reports back to head office, and make general recommendations as to where your IT should be going.

  • Our thorough IT investigations give you detailed reports on network infrastructure, server hardware, server services, backup policy, workstations, infrastructure, processes, server administration and IT policies, help desk, support, training, topology, meetings with process managers, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and digital marketing strategies.

    私たちはお客様のI T関連機器の徹底した調査を行い、ネットワークインフラ、サーバー機器とその動作、データバックアップポリシー、ワークステーション、インフラ、プロセス、サーバーアドミニストレーションとI Tポリシー、ヘルプデスク、サポート、トレーニング、トポロジー、プロセス管理者とのミーティング内容、顧客関係管理(CRM)、そして、デジタルマーケティング戦略について詳細な報告を行います。
  • Know exactly what you have and what you’re paying for. We provide standardization of enterprise and global network infrastructure for reduced support costs and increased Return On Investment (ROI).

  • We offer security audit services to ensure that your systems and networks are compliant with industry and government requirements.

  • We will monitor your IT infrastructure 24 hours a day. When things are slow you will know exactly why, and we can quickly take corrective measures. We are able to monitor server health, up/down time, bandwidth usage, application usage, Voice over IP (VoIP) quality of service, device availability, critical application/service status, disk utilization, memory utilization, back-up logs, anti-virus logs, event logs, and any other custom criteria you may have.

  • We keep up to date with all the latest technologies and coupled with our experience of  previous market failures and successes, we are always ready to share our opinion on up-and-coming trends and how they may affect your business.

  • If you have a particular IT concern we can provide a specialized targeted investigation to produce a report with recommendations on how best to improve your situation.

  • We will act as the gatekeeper for your multi-regional, multi-lingual website or software package, liaising with the content providers for each locale and customizing or updating according to their needs. This gives you a single point-of-contact for Content Management and centralized control at both the hardware and software levels.



  • IT Infrastructure
  • ITインフラストラクチャー
  • Network Infrastructure
  • ネットワークインフラ
  • Network Topology
  • ネットワークトポロジー
  • IT Policy Assessment
  • ITポリシー評価
  • Server Hardware
  • サーバーハードウェア
  • Server Services
  • サーバーサービス
  • Backup
  • バックアップ
  • Workstations
  • ワークステーション
  • Help Desk/Support/Training
  • ヘルプデスク/サポート/トレーニング
  • On-site access
  • オンサイトアクセス
  • Password administration
  • パスワード管理
  • Physical IT Security
  • 物理的ITセキュリティー対策
  • Business resumption and disaster recovery plans
  • 事業再開支援および災害復旧計画
  • Anti-Virus/Anti-Spam solutions
  • ウイルス/スパム対策
  • Network Security
  • ネットワークセキュリティー対策
  • Remote Access Points
  • リモートアクセスポイント
  • Security Updates
  • セキュリティー対策アップデート
  • Software Patches
  • ソフトウェア修正プログラム
  • Confidentiality Agreements
  • 秘密保持契約
  • Infrastructure Monitoring – PRTG
  • インフラモニタリング‐PRTG
  • Global Content Management
  • グローバルコンテンツマネージメント
  • Software Localization
  • ソフトウェアローカライゼーション
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