Datacenter Hosting

Data hosting is mission critical and servers can never go down. Your servers are a precious asset and need to be kept in a closely controlled environment. The METHOD IT Datacenter Hosting solution provides the perfect home for your servers – a world-class datacenter in the heart of Tokyo.


Your Concerns

  • I want to move our servers out of the office – they're noisy, hot, and a chore to maintain.
  • I need the power and security of our own dedicated server but hosting one in the office is impractical.
  • My servers and data are critical to the running of my business. I need an off-site contingency plan with backups and disaster recovery should the worst happen.
  • I need a secure and stable home for our data with a single point of entry, accessible to our staff from anywhere in the world.
  • I need enterprise level hosting in Asia but don't have local IT staff to deal with server setup, support and maintenance.
  • I have servers scattered around all our offices – all kinds of problems are just waiting to happen. I want to consolidate them all into the right kind of environment with little impact on our current workflow.
  • I need full ownership of my server hardware in order to comply with regulations, I just need to find English-speaking staff on the ground to set everything up for me.
  • I'm looking for hosting in a top-notch Datacenter in Asia but don't know how to go about setting this up due to language and cultural barriers.
  • I need English/Japanese/Chinese support from native speakers for our hosting solution.

Why Choose METHOD IT?

  • For true peace-of-mind and optimum performance it is important to get business critical IT infrastructure out of your office and into a facility that is specifically designed for servers.
  • We offer hosting in a world-class Datacenter which boasts high power capacity, backup generators, state-of-the-art cooling, disaster prevention and superb security.
  • Moving your servers to the Datacenter can potentially double their lifespan. Plus there’ll be no more noisy machines or special air-conditioning required in your office.
  • The Datacenter is centrally located in Tokyo allowing for easy access and full compliance in Japan.
  • All the groundwork to get you into a local Datacenter in Japan has been done upfront – a real boon for foreign businesses. We are your sole point of contact and offer full bilingual support.
  • Our Datacenter Co-Location solutions give you the flexibility to move offices without downtime as well as extending the life of hardware.
  • Along with 24 hour monitoring and hardware restarts we also offer custom SLA Network Administration and Support with service alerts and system monitoring software you can use on your smartphone.
  • We provide Datacenter Co-Location and Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting solutions for networks not needing a full rack, but with their own dedicated bandwidth.
  • Our Datacenter solutions give you the ability to scale hardware and resources up or down as your business requires.
  • We offer full-sized racks, the same as you’ll find in overseas Datacenters.
  • Using a Datacenter in Japan gives you access to some of the fastest Internet connections in the world.
  • A Datacenter-hosted solution gives you and your staff the ability to work remotely from anywhere.
  • We are your one-stop for IT services. We also offer network design, infrastructure setup, procurement and development to complement your server in the Datacenter.