Managed Services for Japan - Customized to your needs

  • Shift SLA Support


    Once-a-week, consistent IT presence to work alongside global IT

  • On Demand SLA Support


    We are there when you need us

  • Project SLA Support


    Office setups, moves and mergers

  • Local IT Consulting


    Giving our partners the benefits of our fifteen-year history, local experience and procurement partnerships

  • SLA Add-ons

    Local IT management, remote device management, system monitoring and more, based on your needs

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Need an IT Partner in Tokyo?

METHOD IT offers IT services and solutions to companies in Tokyo. We do this because we have a passion for the latest business technologies and service with a personal touch.

Japan can offer challenges and our staff aren’t just IT support, but active in Japanese society, allowing our fully integrated, bilingual specialist to navigate potential cross-cultural difficulties with support and implementations, acting as your liaison for global IT policies.


  • Helping to smooth over potential local challenges
  • Facilitating trust between your local managers, regional team and global IT
  • Communicating a mutually beneficial understanding of policy and taking the headaches out of implementation
  • We can be onsite all over Japan with fast and friendly smart hands to work along side your global IT administration

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