Update Your Firewall


Keeping your network up-to-date and secure is an ongoing process. As part of this process it is highly recommended to give your hardware firewall some attention – often left on their own after installation (or updated only annually), these silent protectors ensure your networks are safe from active threats.

Many of these threats though are becoming increasingly complex and are constantly being tweaked by nefarious actors wanting to abuse your data!
Firewall manufacturers constantly observe, develop, and push new updates to add new armor to your digital domain.

At METHOD IT we highly recommend you keep your firewall definitions, firmware, and client software updated quarterly. Especially with devices such as FortiGates or CISCO ASA’s, performing these updates helps patch security vulnerabilities that could be exploited.

We at METHOD IT are more than happy to consult or help for these updates – we are able to work with you after hours to ensure no end-user downtime!