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We are here to help!

Dear Method IT Clients and Partners,

First let us start by saying that during these difficult times, we wish for the safety and health of all our clients, their users, and their families. Our mutual health and safety is paramount in these times.

METHOD IT has been working in Japan for over 15 years, and as many of our long-term clients and friends will know, this is not the first difficult time we have weathered together.

Together we have survived earthquakes, infrastructure disruptions, economic downturn, and more.

Together we supported each other and gained invaluable experience and mutual appreciation.

Together we will get through these uncertain times and we will come out stronger; together.

There are a lot of unknowns in the world currently – but one thing is certain, METHOD IT is here to help. To help during these times of uncertainty, we are putting out this special web page with tips and information on working from home, ensuring your business is remote ready, and equally important, how to receive continued support from us at METHOD IT.

That said, the team at METHOD IT appreciates your understanding on the importance of ensuring the mutual health and safety of our staff, clients, and families by offering only remote support during this time.

We have been through a lot together and it is together that we will get through this too.

Stay safe, stay healthy, and more importantly, stay supported with METHOD IT.


David A. Kinney
Managing Director

Here to Help – On Demand Support

As part of our push to ensure the safety and health of our staff and our clients, METHOD IT will be mitigating all support to be handled remotely. On-site work, while still possible, is temporarily suspended until further notice pending updates from official governing bodies in Japan.

This does not mean that METHOD IT will stop supporting you –METHOD IT is here for you, ready to support and your team by remote support. Remote support can be handled either by using Microsoft Teams (for our Office 365 subscribing clients) or through TeamViewer (for everyone!). These two options allow Method IT to confidently support you and your staff without the need to be on site.

It is easy to get on demand remote support – same as before we are available between 9am – 6pm Monday – Friday JST; Either give us a call at +81 (0)3 4400 2650 or e-mail the helpdesk at

Then one of our talented engineers will be in touch to help you resolve your issues.

Our staff will request a TeamViewer Session in order to quickly support your issue. In some cases our staff will request a Microsoft Teams meeting to help your issue become resolved.

You can find out more on either connection method using the tabs below.


9am – 6pm Monday – Friday JST

+81 (0)3 4400 2650

Click images to enlarge

To be safe, we will first start by ensuring no other instances of TeamViewer are running (if no other TeamViewer applications are running, please continue to step 2).

1) Look on the right of your taskbar for any icon that looks like the following;


If either of these icons is present, please right click and left-click “Exit TeamViewer”.

2) Start TeamViewer 11 Quick Support and share the displayed ID and Password with the Method IT staff.
TeamViewer11 QSを起動しての上に表示されるIDとPWと教えていただければ大変助かります。

Open the link below in a browser of your choice:

Scroll a little ways down the page to find “TeamViewer 11 Version” and click.
ページのちょっとしたからTeamViewer 11 Versionをクリックしてください

From here, click “TeamViewer QS” (Quick Support) to download the file, once downloaded please run the application.
TeamViewer QSをクリックしてダウンロードしての上に起動してください

Once the application is running, please share with us the displayed ID and password.

Click images to enlarge

A Method IT staff member will send you a Teams Meeting Request.

Worried About Your Office?

If you are found suddenly having your team work remotely, you may have questions on how your team is performing or whether they have access to everything they need to keep your business running. Check out three common issues we hear from our customers and solutions we can implement quickly for you and your team:

Solution: In most cases your multifunction printer can forward FAX messages as e-mails to your team! If not, there are many services which we can help set up to do the same.

Solution: Let us set up a remote PC on site to ensure your network is running properly! Want to ensure constant connection? We also offer mobile 4G Wi-Fi modules to ensure constant connectivity.

Solution: Either through a dedicated cloud solution, or VPN to your local server, we can get your team up and running quickly with the data they need to keep operations running smoothly!

METHOD IT offers many solutions for these and other situations and is available for discussion to help you plan a future or working remotely. Feel free to get in touch with our team to discuss, we are here to help!

Sales a Concern?

In these uncertain times, many of our clients may find it difficult to meet customers face-to-face or to go on sales runs. In our modern age, this should not be a show-stopper to you, your team, or your business.

METHOD IT has a proven track record of bringing businesses to the web, either by migrating some sales aspects to an e-commerce site, or updating a website to better reflect the times and need of your clients. Let us show you how to put more of your business on the web and keep your sales teams chugging along.

Check out some of our E-commerce work for New York Women’s clothing brand Meg Shops – we got them a new site with customizable content and a streamlined purchasing process. The result is a sleek website, and minimal impact on sales as customers are forced to stay home.

Let us help you with your specific needs – METHOD IT offers various solutions for your issues on getting more out of the web. Get in touch with our team and have us add value to your brand on the web today – we are here to help!

In Conclusion

With our 15 years of experience in Japan, we understand the difficulties in working here – but we also know how to navigate them well.

These difficult times are unprecedented and uncertain; however we are confident that Method IT has the right solution for you and your team and your business.

The State of Emergency in Japan does not mean you or your team go without support – We are just a click away and ready to support you remotely!

We appreciate your understanding on the importance of ensuring the mutual health and safety of our staff, clients, and families by offering only remote support during this time.

We have been through a lot together and it is together that we will get through this too.

Stay safe, stay healthy, and more importantly, stay supported with METHOD IT.

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