Mobile Device Management


Fast Remote Support and Security


Through Mobile Device Management (MDM) METHOD IT can support hardware, remotely, with incredible speed and service.

MDM allows us to keep all your machines secure and up-to-date, and cover your BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policies.

This means we have access to unified multi-device management – supporting Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad, and Android with compliance of all corporate software.

Users continue to have access to their personal data on such devices.

Microsoft Intune

METHOD IT has chosen Microsoft Intune as its preferred MDM platform, in addition to being a recognized Microsoft partner.

Microsoft Intune provides unified management of all your devices and your network from a centralized dashboard, enabling us to monitor usage, install apps, and perform remote, live troubleshooting via TeamViewer.

microsoft intune mdm dashboard

Why use Microsoft Intune?

Microsoft Intune MDM is a Mobile Device Management solution included in higher Microsoft 365 licenses or as a separate security license.

Intune allows IT managers to centralize software distribution, patch management and malware protection, while delivering other benefits, such as remote assistance to users (in conjunction with TeamViewer).

Below is an illustration of Intune’s architecture.

MDM Microsoft Intune Illustration

Why is Intune a Good Choice?

Here Are Some Case Examples!

  • OS Version Control

    Should Microsoft, Google, or Apple push an update on their respective OS that is known to cause new headaches, you can force machines to stay on certain OS levels until the issues have been resolved (one recent example was a Microsoft Windows 10 update causing Cortana to take up to 80% of computer resources - making machines extremely slow).

  • Improved Data Security

    Sometimes your employees need to use devices, apps, or browsers that you can’t manage, such as the public computers at trade shows and in hotel lobbies. By limiting email access to devices that are managed by your organization, this ensures that your strongly authenticated employee doesn't accidentally leave corporate data on an untrusted computer.

  • Compliance Policies

    Intune can push rules for standard applications, VPN, or other compliance requirements to all enrolled devices. Once a machine is put on Intune MDM, your policy controls them. Including device encryption and additional levels of security (startup PIN, etc).

  • Reporting and Data Management

    Easy to generate reports on devices, installed apps, compliance, and more. Automatically records device serial number, make, model, to make asset management easier. Additionally, this helps us monitor device EoL or usage.

  • Remote Data Safety

    Retire, wipe, reset passcode, or return to factory defaults (Windows only) remote support for your devices. Handy when a night on the town with a client turns into a data breach nightmare. (Internet connection required)

  • Reduced Cost

    Further, Intune is cheaper than other Mobile Device Management options.

Included with Microsoft 365 E3 Licenses

Microsoft Intune is one of the best solutions for device and applications management if your business uses Microsoft 365. It offers a low-cost subscription service as part of your Microsoft 365 licenses currently in use and is designed to provide outstanding security protections for your business.

Intune makes it easy for businesses to keep data safe and maintain industry compliance while allowing teams to work how they want, where they want.


Centralized remote management and support for all your IT!


macOS, iOS


In the ever-evolving IT world users have the best productivity with their preferred platform. METHOD IT is able to add MDM to your SLA support contract which dramatically decreases the cost of support and dramatically increases the quality of service.