IT Support Packages


High-level IT Consulting, Project Management & Development

Why Choose METHOD IT?

  • Asia-Pacific & Japan Regional IT Specialists
    • Multilingual
    • Knowledge of cultural sensitivities and local software
    • Local procurement and vendor partnerships for warranties
  • Office Setups, Mergers and Carve Out
  • Audits and Recommendations
  • Business Process Management
  • Intranet and Web Development
  • Regional Software Management
  • Certified
  • Third-party Oversight
  • Years of experience

Ad Hoc Support

Ad Hoc Hourly RateBest Effort 3 Hour MinimumRequest a quote »
Ad Hoc Day Rate7 Hour MinimumHourly discount

OnDemand Support

Frontline SLA3 Year SLA
  • 9AM – 6PM Call Center
  • Ticketing system
  • Next business day response time
Request a quote »


Management SLA
3 Year SLAAll the above Frontline SLA benefits plus:
  • Monthly IT Meeting
  • Reporting & Recommendations
  • Procurement & Inventory
  • Support Documentation
SLA Hourly Rate Smart Hands (Desktop Level and Escalation)9AM-6PM weekdaysBilled in 1 hour increments
7PM-9PM weekdaysNon-disruptive, no downtime, for international networks
Weekends and national holidays, 2 hours minimumPower outages, switchovers, office moves


SLA Day Rate (Business Day)
7 hoursNetwork audits, migrations, upgrades


IT Consulting / Project Management / Development & Design
SLA contract client50% deposit or project milestone billingVolume-based discount at special reduced rateRequest a quote »
Ad hoc (non-SLA client)Volume-based discount
  • Note:
    • All projects estimates are based on hours predicted, but actual hours are billed. If the project hours run over the estimate, a client contact person will be notified.

Shift Support – Fixed Rate, Best Value

  • A closer more in-touch relationship with users, we build a knowledge base.
  • Staff are on-site for a fixed period each week to deal with any support, projects, training or maintenance
  • Better sense of office sentiment and pain points
  • More approachable and accessible for training to help improve user productivity
  • The support you need when you need it
  • Backfill for holidays or times when staff are sick
  • Flexibility to reschedule days and times to coincide with national holidays or other events
  • Low-priority issues can be scheduled to coincide with visits
  • Emergency support and on-site interventions still available but less likely to be required due to regular proactive presence
  • No hidden surprises
  • Option for scale up or down based on periodic reviews
  • Regular, predictable billing
  • Adjustment of skillsets to meet new requirements
Managed Service – Shift SupportHours per MonthDiscountRates
1 Shift per Week, 4 Hours On-site16 Hours10% less than SLA Support OnDemandRequest a quote »
1 Day Shift per Week, 8 Hours On-site32 hours15% less than SLA Support OnDemand
Full Time On-site Support140 hours50% less than SLA Support OnDemand
  • Note:
    • 4 hours per week is the minimum shift
    • All billing outside a shift is billed at OnDemand rates
    • Shift Support rates require Frontline SLA if OnDemand Support is needed


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  • Terms & Conditions
    • All times are billed in 1-hour increments with a minimum of 2 hours onsite
    • Support covers all IT infrastructure including - Routers, Switches, Firewalls, VPNs, Wireless, UPS, Cabling, Racks, Servers, VPS, Workstations, Printers, Smartphones, as well as software installation, documentation, inventory updates, software migrations, updates, reporting vendor management, consulting and research.
    • Hourly charges for support are subject to an additional 25% charge on top of the standard charge when conducted outside of normal operating hours, where normal hours are between 9am and 6pm JST, Monday to Friday, excluding Japanese national holidays. This rate only applies to support and not to projects that are agreed on a fixed budget basis separately.
  • Projects
    • All projects estimates are based on hours predicted, but actual hours are billed. If the project hours run over the estimate, a client contact person will be notified.
  • Procurement & Vendor Management
    • 15% service and handling fee for software and hardware (dependent on if we are partners with brand).
  • Documentation
    • All pricing is also included in SLA agreement which defines the terms of software. With all SLA an NDA is also required.