Office IT Setup

We’ll get all your office tech up and running smoothly and stress-free, with bilingual support from native speakers. Whether you’re starting from scratch or moving an existing set up we’ll take care of everything – procurement, networks, workstations, laptops, servers, IP phones – you name IT.


Your Concerns

  • We're setting up a new office and need all our IT ready to use when the staff roll in.
  • I'm moving office and I'm worried about dismantling and setting up my IT equipment as it was on the other side.
  • I need help to support my organization's IT in Asia. I need someone who can speak the language and knows which vendors to go to get the hardware and software.
  • I need an IT infrastructure set up that complies with head-office's regulations and works with home office IT.
  • I need a secure, cutting-edge network for my office with remote access.
  • I need help setting up an IP phone system for my office.
  • I need English/Japanese/Chinese support from native speakers for our office IT.

Why Choose METHOD IT?

  • We have extensive experience helping global companies set up all the IT required in their Tokyo or Hong Kong office. In native English, Japanese and Chinese, our team works alongside local managers, as well as head office IT departments, to deploy your organization’s standard requirements.
  • Our top-down design approach ensures that the infrastructure we design or build matches your business and its policies. By gathering requirements from your company’s key stakeholders, analyzing current processes in your organization, and following industry standards and best practices, METHOD IT can build the infrastructure that best suits your business.
  • We offer enterprise wireless network design and implementation. Let us help your business connect anywhere at any time. We work with your organization to understand your requirements, then design and build a solution that meets your IT goals for greater productivity and mobility. Building a scalable and multi-service wireless solution (voice, video and data) to keep your staff mobile and efficient.
  • Our clients often find Asia a frustrating environment to do business in. We have bilingual staff to help you breakdown any communication barriers.
  • We work with global standards concerning compliance and governance, and there are often no global warranties.
  • We have established relationships with a large network of partners in Asia, such as HP, Dell, Apple, Microsoft, Cisco, USEN and UCOM, which we can leverage to find you all the equipment and services you need at competitive prices.
  • We can procure hard-to-find hardware from outside Japan or Hong Kong and track down the best deals locally.
  • For issues regarding upgrades and warranties we work with local vendors on your behalf.