Ultimate Home Internet + WiFi Package

Boost your remote work lifeline

FAST 100Mbps fiber optic connection*

FREE ISP setup and installation works

MESH WiFi network - total home coverage

INCLUDES one hour on-site WiFi setup

* Only available in Japan | † Offer valid until December 31st, 2020

Hikari Business Access

“Hikari Business Access” is a 100Mbps best-effort Internet line service that delivers dedicated optical fiber to your workplace.

Telework Campaign

Installation ¥50,000 free

In order to support small-medium businesses during these challenging times, all new Hikari Business Access lines installed by the end of 2020 qualify for free setup and installation – a saving of ¥50,000 !

  • 100Mbps for SOHO and small offices

    An internet line service with a maximum downlink of 100 Mbps, ideal for SOHO customers and suitable for residential areas. USEN provides a smooth and stable communication environment with high quality and low prices.

  • A proprietary line for smooth communications

    A dedicated line provides one optical fiber connection directly to each customer. Compared to regular shared lines, this offers a stable environment that is not easily affected by other users' activity.

  • Large capacity backbone

    The larger the backbone to the Internet, the easier it becomes to stabilize communications. USEN adminsiters its entire network as a single entity, and supports customers by regularly increasing the backbone as the network grows.

From ¥22,000/m

Mesh WiFi packageS

What is Mesh WiFi?

Onsite Setup

One-hour visit included

As soon as your USEN line is ready, a METHOD IT support engineer delivers your new router and nodes to your home or workplace, sets up your WiFi, and gets all your devices connected in an hour.

Ultimate Home Internet + WiFi Package

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