Newsletter 2013.08


Welcome to the METHOD IT Newsletter for August 2013

Benefits of MS Exchange Server 2013

Is your organization still searching for the right private, secure and reliable solution for email, schedules and contacts? Or do you already use Microsoft Exchange 2010 or earlier? Find out why you should be moving to Microsoft Exchange Server 2013.

Windows XP Support Ends in 9 Months

Microsoft will stop supporting Windows XP in April 2014. But exactly what does this mean and what impact will it have on your business? How should you go about migrating your XP machines to Windows 7 or 8, why should you be doing this, and what are the risks if you don’t?

Tips & Tricks

12 Fantastic Features of Windows Server 2012

Download a free white paper to find out how Windows Server 2012 will simplify and improve delivery of your organization’s IT services.

News from the Web

iPhone Event Set for September 10?

Rumors on the Web suggest a big Apple event on September 10 to launch the new iPhone 5S (or is it 6?) and the lower-spec, brightly colored iPhone 5C, designed to supersede iPhone 4/4S, take on low-end Android devices, and make waves in China. Both iPhone 5S and 5C will run the drastically redesigned iOS 7. If the mocked-up images are accurate, iPhone 5S will also come in bling-bling Champagne Gold. For more detailed gossip on the event and new devices check out the rumors as of mid-August.

Japanese Smart Toilet Open to Attack

Those of us who live in Japan are used to the odd hi-tech toilet or two. But beware! The smartphone-controlled Satis luxury toilet can be activated by any device which has its app installed. The bug report says it best – “Attackers could cause the unit to unexpectedly open/close the lid, activate bidet or air-dry functions, causing discomfort or distress to user.”

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