Newsletter 2013.09


Welcome to the METHOD IT Newsletter for September 2013

Benefits of MS SharePoint Server 2013

You may have heard about SharePoint, but what is it exactly and how can your business benefit from using the no.1 intranet solution?
Or perhaps your organization is already using SharePoint? Find out why you should upgrade to the latest version – SharePoint Server 2013.

Tips & Tricks

iOS 7 Primer

The shiny new iOS 7 is here. So should you upgrade your iPhone or iPad? What’s new? What’s changed? And what about its impact on business? Use our handy resource guide and get up to speed with iOS 7.

News from the Web

IT in Japan Post-Fukushima

A fascinating report on the lasting changes to enterprise IT in Japan post 3/11. The earthquake, tsunami and Fukushima nuclear plant affected everything from disaster recovery to datacenters to sales of portable PCs.

Google Office App Goes Free

In a competitive move against Microsoft and following Apple’s announcement that iWork for iOS will be free with new devices, Google has made their recent acquisition QuickOffice for iOS and Android completely free. QuickOffice allows you to edit MS Office documents on smartphones and tablets and integrates with Google Drive cloud storage.

The Datacenter in a Box

An interesting look at the benefits of a Datacenter housed in a shipping container. Modular, convenient and powerful – a scalable solution for big enterprise, an affordable alternative for a small business.

WordPress to Take Over the Web?

After receiving a US$60 million investment, WordPress maker Automattic has plans to expand its staff to thousands and hopes to eventually power the majority of websites. WordPress is already the most popular CMS on the web, running around 20% of all sites.

The Most Dangerous Celebrities Online

Malware ahoy! Check out this slideshow of the 10 most popular celebrities used as bait in Web-based scams. Search for them at your peril.