Newsletter 2013.07


Welcome to the METHOD IT Newsletter for July 2013

New METHOD IT Website

This month we are excited to announce the launch of our new English language website at
Please take a look around on your PC, tablet or smartphone.
Redesigned, recoded and rewritten entirely from scratch, the new site marks the digital debut of our reimagined visual identity and streamlined approach to offering you the latest and best IT solutions.

Tips & Tricks

Microsoft Patches Critical Flaws in IE, Others

July’s ‘Patch Tuesday’ saw the appearance of crucial fixes for Internet Explorer 6 through 10 across all versions of Windows from XP to 8. Patches for Office, Silverlight, Lync, .NET framework and Visual Studio were also released.

Should You Take a Summer Vacation from Social Media?

The results of some recent research fuel an interesting article on the pros-and-cons of using Social Media while on vacation. Very topical with Obon just around the corner. We’re making a mental note to try to use the word ‘smoasting’ at least once in August.

News from the Web

Major Reshuffle at Microsoft

Early July saw the announcement of a sweeping reorganization at Microsoft, their first in over 10 years, moving the company away from being a software provider to a products and services business. The four new major divisions are Devices and Studios, Operating Systems, Applications and Services, and Cloud and Enterprise. CEO Steve Ballmer shared the thinking behind the changes in a one-on-one with the Seattle Times.

Apple Developer Site Hacked

Producers of iPhone and iPad apps were left in limbo after a cyber attack brought down the entire Apple developer portal for eight days. Apple assured developers by way of a mailout that no sensitive information had been leaked but names, physical addresses and email addresses could have been accessed. The company now has a status page on their website showing where they are at with efforts to rebuild the system from the ground-up. A Turkish security researcher claimed responsibility for the attack but his statement was later thrown into doubt.

Google Unveil Updated 7-inch Tablet, Tackle TV

Going head-to-head with iPad mini and overtaking it on specs at least, is Google’s new Nexus 7. The version 2 tablet boasts a 1920 x 1200, 323 ppi IPS display, the latest Android 4.3 and a host of other upgrades at a marginally raised price of US$229 for the 16GB version. The Japanese price and release date have yet to be made public.
Google also unveiled Chromecast this month, a snazzy US$35 dongle for your TV that lets you stream content from services such as Netflix, YouTube and Google Play.

Next iPhone Rumors

With a potential autumn release looming the iPhone rumor mill is working overtime again. Chatter of a low-cost, lower-spec, multicolor, plastic-encased iPhone is spurred on by an allegedly leaked image or two, and some videos doing the rounds on the Web. Chances are the regular iPhone will see an upgrade to 5S.
In tandem with the new iPhone(s) comes the drastically overhauled iOS 7. The latest beta 4 version shows Apple continuing to tweak the look-and-feel and intricate workings of the new iOS in response to feedback.

The Internet, Then And Now

This fascinating infographic offers a potted history of the Internet and some mind-boggling numbers on its usage today.

Mt. Fuji and Gunkanjima on Street View

In celebration of its newly awarded World Heritage Site status, armchair climbers can now ascend Mt. Fuji using Google Maps Street View. Also making an impressive appearance on Street View is the spooky-yet-cool deserted mining community on Hashima, better known as Gunkanjima (Battleship Island) and the inspiration for a villain’s hideout in the James Bond movie Skyfall.
By the way, if there’s a remote corner of the globe you’d love to see on Street View, Google is now accepting applications for you to don their 19 kg, 15-camera backpack and go shoot it yourself.

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