Mac Malware More Widespread Than Windows


Surprising stats for 2019 show that Macs are almost twice as vulnerable as Windows PCs to malware threats

Antivirus company Malwarebytes has published a detailed report on the state of malware in 2019.

One shocking finding is that threats for macOS shot up by 400% on the previous year. Windows PCs averaged 5.7 threats per device over the year, compared to 11 on Macs – a record figure for the OS.

Back in 2018, the number of macOS threats per device was a much lower 4.8.
The sharp rise in 2019 can mostly be attributed to adware designed for macOS such as NewTab, which had close to 30 million downloads. Other culprits are fake installers for browser addons and apps promising to protect, clean, or fine tune your Mac.

Intrusions were also made because macOS passwords were identical to those leaked in online password breaches, allowing hackers to gain remote access.

Malware authors will continue to target Macs as long as the market share increases and they are known to be largely unprotected.

The time has come to rethink the old line about Macs not getting viruses!

What can you do to protect your Mac from malware?

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