We are proud to announce the launch of METHOD MEDIUM – our new approach to E-Com, Web Dev, and Design solutions for small and medium-sized businesses both in and out of Japan.

Here to Support All Businesses

METHOD MEDIUM is the culmination of 20 years of experience in IT, design, development, and the Japanese market. We strive for collaboration with your team; offering simple, fast solutions for international businesses to break into the Japanese market and for Japanese businesses to break out internationally.

If you need a simple, non-contract solution to just get your digital presence up-to-date, clean and mean, we are your happy medium: METHOD MEDIUM.



Beautify your website

Collaborate with our team to treat your website right. Give it a focused beauty treatment or brand update, give users direction with improved navigation, connect your social media accounts effectively, go mobile, do video, and more.


Give your site some NOS

Rev up your site and optimize! We check the engine that runs your site and make sure all the parts are clean, oiled, and updated. Other options include hosting management solutions, analytics implementation, and monthly maintenance to ensure those pesky security holes stay closed!


Get your product out there

Let us collaborate with your marketing team for brand continuity and consistency in Japan.
A successful e-com site in Japan requires Japanese payment methods, localized content (in Japanese!), and consistency which gives your brand trust for the Japanese customers


Leave nothing to interpretation

Method MEDIUM offers integral services for localization including website translation with English and Japanese language functions, industry-specific press releases, interpreting services for client relations and translation for labeling and packaging. おまかせて!

Don’t Take Our Word for It

The proof is in the pudding – see for yourself the kinds of works METHOD MEDIUM has handled in the past and our success stories from Japan and around the world. You might be surprised with what you see!