Remote Working and COVID-19 Tips + IT News


Welcome to the METHOD IT Newsletter for March 2020

We hope this newsletter finds you well during this difficult period. As our daily lives and routines are affected by the spread of COVID-19, one the biggest challenges for most of us will be a shift towards remote working. To that end, we’d like to offer some tips and advice to enable you to telework more effectively.

Stay safe, smart, and above all, healthy!


Teams for Remote Workers

Teams is a single point of entry for everything you need to work together on a daily basis. At METHOD IT, we have found the chat and document sharing tools in Teams help us to collaborate better and work more productively wherever we are. Your organization can start using Teams today – if you have Office 365, Teams is included with your subscription. For others a free version with reduced features is available. Get a crash course in Teams from our video playlist below.

Once PC Fits All

To work from anywhere effectively, your main PC should be able to at least double-up as laptop and desktop. Claim a table and add a monitor plus wireless mouse and keyboard, and you have a great home workspace that is easy to plug in to and out of – the latest monitors can do this with just one cable.
Bonus! Your laptop screen will now function as a second monitor, which is known to boost productivity.

Use a 2-in-1 laptop with a touchscreen and detachable keyboard and you also get a tablet for meetings, presentations, and working on the move into the bargain. This is one of the reasons why everyone at METHOD IT carries a Surface Pro and we are quick to recommend Surface devices to all our clients.

To help you choose the right Surface for your job, Microsoft has a handy questionnaire that only takes a few minutes to complete.

News from the Web

Some great, holistic advice from a Director at Microsoft China on working from home during challenging times.

NEC • Lenovo Japan Group has put together a free PDF guide to help novice remote workers adjust to the changes involved – 始めよう!テレワークスタートガイド

17 Desk Stretches – Use these simple exercises both to refresh and help combat bad posture.

WHO Coronavirus Advice – Lots of useful, mythbusting information, videos, and downloads.

IT Headlines

Is a $400 iPhone SE2 just around the corner?
Growing rumors have it that a new budget-friendly iPhone SE2/iPhone 9/just plain ‘iPhone’ will be announced at the end of this month.

New all-in-one Office mobile app arrives
Microsoft recently released ‘Office’ for iOS and Android which combines Word, Excel and Powerpoint into a single app, letting you perform micro-tasks on the go with new quick actions.

Surface Duo spotted in the wild
Video evidence surfaces of Microsoft’s upcoming folding dual-screen Android device in use by a possible employee or developer in Vancouver.