Newsletter 2012.06


Welcome to the METHOD IT Newsletter for June 2012

Responsive Web Design

With the spread of smartphones and tablets, the days of designing websites for PC monitors at a fixed resolution are gone. We can give your website a ‘responsive’ design, with layout and functionality that changes on-the-fly depending on the user’s device and screen-size, making your information accessible to all users on all platforms.

Office 365 Setup & Migration

Ready to take your business to the cloud? Microsoft Office 365 is the easiest way to get there. Office 365 lets your team work together from any location with full access to email, calendars, file sharing, conferencing, and MS Office compatible web apps. METHOD IT is very excited about this groundbreaking product and offers setup and migration services to assist and support you.

Tips & Tricks

Free News Aggregation Apps

Spending too much time flitting about the web checking your favorite news sites and social networks? These free apps for iPhone, iPad and Android will gather all the information for you and display it in one simple interface you can leaf through like a magazine.

A must-have app that was Apple’s best-of-the-year for the iPad back in 2010 but only made its Android debut this June 22nd, Flipboard takes content from news feeds and all your SNS accounts and displays it in a beautiful, easy-to-navigate print-style layout.
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Google Currents
A stripped-down alternative to Flipboard that went international this April, Google Currents displays the latest stories from news sites in a clean, white interface that resembles a minimal newspaper.
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News from the Web

Big 2 Tech Conferences

By some kerr-azy coincidence both Microsoft and Apple held tech conferences starting June 11th.

Big news from MS TechEd 2012 was new versions of MS Office, Exchange, SharePoint, Lync and Windows Server and, of course, the upcoming Windows 8 with its love-it-or-hate-it Metro interface.
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Over in the Apple camp, announcements at WWDC2012 included iOS6 (which most notably will ditch Google Maps for a new Apple service and feature Facebook integration), Mac OS X Mountain Lion and a new range of MacBooks, some with gorgeous Retina Displays.
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World's First IE7 Tax

In a great publicity stunt born out of development woes, Australian e-commerce site decided to slap all customers using Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 7 with a surcharge to recoup the cost of the extra programming time required to support their browser. Users are prompted to download an alternative, more up-to-date browser to avoid the ‘IE7 Tax’.