Newsletter 2012.05


Welcome to the METHOD IT Newsletter for May 2012

New Solutions, New Website

Always looking to advance, improve and upgrade, we have refined and streamlined our range of IT solutions into nine new categories. Check them out on our new website, viewable on PC, tablet and smartphone. With our wide range of experience and skills, METHOD IT offers everything from hardware to software, back-end to front-end. Let us handle IT.

Servers vs Summer

Talk of an electricity price hike, calls to conserve energy, little or no aircon and hot weather on the way — the office isn’t exactly the ideal place to be housing your servers or business-critical data. Boasting solar power, low energy consumption and a carefully controlled environment that potentially doubles the life of hardware, our Tokyo Datacenter solutions have got you covered.

Tips & Tricks

BYOD Guide

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is on the rise in organizations large and small around the world. Here’s a useful collection of articles on the pros, cons, security and support implications of having a BYOD IT policy.


Why You Shouldn't Email Sensitive Corporate Documents

Food-for-thought in this article on the security risks of letting your confidential data travel via email and public file-sharing services.


Bad Tech Etiquette to Avoid at Work

Do you knock before you Skype? Put people on speakerphone without telling them? Head over to this list of bad IT manners and find out how to improve yours.


News from the Web

Huge Cyber Espionage Virus Discovered

The most powerful and malicious virus so-far created was discovered by security experts in early May. Dubbed ‘Flame’ the virus has been active since 2010, collecting data from government computers in Middle-Eastern countries, primarily Iran. The source has yet to be determined but, according to analysts, the complexity and size of the code suggest state-sponsorship.

Plants Who Talk to Their People

Another fun addition to the Internet of Things – ‘Koubachi’ is a website and iPhone app that lets your house plants tell you when they need watering, moving or fertilizing. The software works in conjunction with a Wi-fi sensor placed into the soil.