Web Development

Whether you are building your online presence from the ground-up or looking to improve and upgrade an existing site, we help you stand out on the Web with a comprehensive range of design and development solutions.


Your Concerns

  • I need a website that looks professional, polished and reflects our corporate identity.
  • I think our website needs an overhaul. I'm not happy with the way it looks or works, and visitors are scarce.
  • I want our website to be accessible to all, with different layouts for PCs, smartphones and tablets.
  • I need a system that allows us to update the website ourselves and has an easy-to-use graphical interface.
  • I want our website to show up higher in Search Engine results.
  • I want a website that integrates tightly with our Social Media accounts.
  • I want a website that updates on-the-fly with lots of interactive features, user feedback and rich media.
  • I need complex coding for my website that hooks into other systems like databases.
  • I need a multi-lingual website that can be localized easily.
  • I need an e-Commerce system added to our website.
  • I need secure, fast, and reliable Web hosting for my business.

Why Choose Element|RGB?

  • Employing the latest and best professional practices, we design your Website from scratch or take existing promotional materials and re-factor them for the Web.
  • During our thorough pre-production stage for Website development, we produce wireframes, sitemaps, breakdowns of the flow of user experience and static mockups.
  • We are up-to-date with the latest techniques in HTML5 and produce clean, Standards Compliant code that works across all devices and aids Search Engine performance.
  • We can give your website a responsive design that changes on-the-fly for PC, smartphone and tablet, making your information accessible to all users on all platforms.
  • We build interactive Web applications and page components using JavaScript and AJAX, viewable on any device or browser.
  • We have years of experience building websites that can easily be localized in English, Japanese, Chinese and many other languages.
  • We offer a range of Content Management Systems (CMS) from simple to complex, depending on your needs, all easy to learn and highly customizable.
  • Our team of developers can tackle any complex coding problems you may be having with CMS customization, APIs or databases.
  • We connect your website to your accounts on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube or any other social network – they feed each other with regular updates.
  • We rigorously test display and functional issues across all your target browsers and platforms before releasing the site.
  • For e-Commerce solutions, we can develop a custom cart and checkout for your existing website or integrate your site with your preferred e-Commerce platform, connecting it to payment gateways.
  • Once your website is up-and-running it needs to be tended to regularly with strong Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Social Media strategies – we advise on both.
  • To extend your reach we also advise on advertising strategies for Google AdWords, LinkedIn Ads and Facebook Ads.