Newsletter 2012.04


Welcome to the METHOD IT Newsletter for April 2012

METHOD Managed Private Cloud

At a time when big cloud solutions are fast becoming the standard, we would like to introduce something different. Something unique and sophisticated. A boutique-type solution for businesses in need of a customized high-end cloud solution.

News from the Web

Facebook Buys Instagram

Popular iOS and Android photo sharing app Instagram will be acquired by Facebook for US$1 billion. Mark Zuckerberg stated in a blog post that the app will continue as a separate entity and retain its sharing features for other social networks.

Mac Virus Scare

Eariler this month around 600,000 Macs worldwide were thought to be infected with the Flashback Trojan. This comes as a reminder that while far fewer in number than on Windows, Mac viruses do exist. An Apple security fix was released on April 13th and can be downloaded by going to ‘Software Update’ in the Apple Menu.

Windows 8 in 3 Flavors

Microsoft’s Windows team has announced that just three editions of their new OS will be released – Windows 8, Windows 8 Pro and the OEM-only Windows 8 RT for mobile devices with ARM processors. A welcome move away from the multiple releases and unclear naming conventions of the past that will make choosing the right version of Windows a less confusing task. The release date for Windows 8 is currently rumored to be this October.

Google Drive Arrives

Google Drive, a new cloud storage service designed to compete against the likes of Dropbox and MS SkyDrive, was announced on April 25th. The free account offers 5GB of storage while paid options max out at a massive 16TB. One of the most intriguing features is the ability to search for text in documents you’ve scanned and uploaded.

Tokyo Tweet Map

No it’s not a nighttime aerial photograph, but Twitter and Flickr activity in Tokyo plotted on to a map. A fascinating visualization of just how busy SNS traffic is in the metropolis.