Newsletter 2011.10


Welcome to the METHOD IT Newsletter for October 2011

After the passing of Steve Jobs on October 5th, we would like to dedicate this newsletter to Apple and how their products have changed the way we think about and interact with Information Technology.

METHOD IT Apple Favorites

Apple Monitor II

2011_10_tips_apple_monitor_iiChosen by David Arthur Kinney
This one dates way back to 1982, but shows the kind of innovation and attention to detail we have come to expect from Apple. Its simple, clever design made a long lasting impression. The Apple Monitor II was fitted with a very handy tilting mechanism that allowed you to swivel the display in its casing by pushing the top or bottom rim of the screen. From the original user manual – “You can select the ideal screen position — perpendicular to your line of vision — depending on your size and the height of your table”.

MagSafe Power Adapter

2011_10_tips_apple_magsafe_adapterChosen by Daniel Harlow
The MagSafe Power Adapter for Macbook represents innovation at its best. Not only did Apple identify something so slap-in-the-face obvious as kicking your laptop off a desk or ripping a socket out the wall as being a nuisance that could be fixed, but they also went on to come up with some really clever solutions. The magnetic attachment is genius. And it didn’t stop there – further thought went into the LED on the adapter which tells the user it’s charging and connected or if the battery is full. Then there are the handy cable winding arms and universal adapters you can switch out for the plug. Also you can use a standard AC cable if you don’t have a particular adapter available in the country you are visiting. Literally it’s like they thought of everything.

The Mac Startup Chime

2011_10_tips_apple_startup_chimeChosen by Greg Williams
That characteristic ‘AAAH!’ which greets you every time you turn on a Mac and serves as a sonic identifier for the brand. The sound was created in 1991 by then Apple employee Jim Reekes on a Korg Wavestation synthesizer. Used in varying forms since its introduction, the current version has remained unchanged since 1998. The chime does actually have a purpose — it means all diagnostic tests run at startup have found no hardware or software problems.

iOS Applications

We offer three development solutions for iPhone and iPad : optimized websites, web apps and native apps, covering all requirements and budgets.

Mac Support

From day one METHOD IT has always been passionate about Apple computers. We offer hardware, network and OS support for all varieties of Mac.

Apple Hardware Procurement

We have a close partnership with Apple business division and are able to assist in the selection, purchasing and set up of the right Apple hardware for your company.

News from the Web

iPhone 4S and iOS 5

So the iPhone 5 everyone was speculating about turned out to be iPhone 4S… no matter. What with the faster processor, improved antenna, upgraded camera, full HD video, Siri (see below) and all the new features of iOS 5, there’s a lot to be excited about.


Perhaps the most interesting new feature on iPhone 4S is the voice-controlled intelligent assistant ‘Siri’. Just by talking to your iPhone you can make a call, send messages, schedule appointments, check the weather, play music, find nearby restaurants and much more. Unfortunately Siri is only able to recognize English, German and French, and has limited functionality outside of the US at present.

iPhone comes to au in Japan

Another major announcement this month which will please a lot of people in Japan is that iPhone is now available on KDDI’s au, the country’s second largest mobile carrier. If this speed test video is anything to go by, using the Internet on the KDDI network will be a much more enjoyable experience.


Ever wondered what makes a Mac user into a believer? Watch ‘Macheads’, a fascinating 54 minute documentary on the Mac-obsessed, in its entirety on the Web for free.