Newsletter 2011.11


Welcome to the METHOD IT Newsletter for November 2011

Microsoft Per-User Licensing

Under the Microsoft Services Provider License Agreement (SPLA), we are able to offer you licensing on a pay-per-user basis for services and applications such as Exchange and SharePoint, all hosted on the METHOD IT cloud in a world-class data center. Reduce your company’s Microsoft licensing costs by paying only for what you need when you need it.

Office 365 Migration

Let METHOD IT handle all your Office 365 migration, setup, customization and consulting requests. This Microsoft cloud-based solution is perfect for businesses of all sizes with monthly costs ranging from ¥400-¥3,000 per user. Office 365 offers an affordable, scalable range of mail server, Intranet, chat and office applications for small businesses. Larger organizations will benefit from lower licensing costs while maintaining the same software suite and level of functionality as an on-site solution.

CRM-SharePoint Integration

After Microsoft’s latest update, Dynamics CRM is now integrated with Office 365 and offers a single sign-on experience for both hosted and on-premises versions of SharePoint, Office, and Lync. Finally your sales platform is fused with your companies document management and collaboration platform. To help you make the most of the new consolidated service, we will take care of migrating any existing data and setting up your Dynamics CRM and SharePoint installations to requirements.

Tips & Tricks

Office 365 Microsoft Document Connection

When managing documents in SharePoint from a Mac, it can be tedious uploading a large number of files. Now you can do this in bulk by using the Microsoft Document Connection to access your SharePoint sites in a folder hierarchy.

Office 365 Permissions Checking

If you’re worried about who can see what in your SharePoint site, you can quickly check what permissions a user has with the ‘Check Permissions’ button in the ribbon. This is available from the site settings page. Click the left dropdown on any site, select Site Settings, click on User Permissions. You will then have the Check Permissions button in the ribbon.

SharePoint Document Sets

For teams and users in many organizations, a set of documents, or a work product, is needed to better manage a project or deliverable. For example, a legal team might need to collect, create and manage various documents, photos and audio files that are related to a particular case. Or a sales team might need to compile documents from various sources to create and manage a request for proposal (RFP) for a potential client. Documents Sets provide those teams and users with the ability to manage such groups of files as a single collection, deliverable, or work product. Document Set owners can then create a custom Welcome Page that can display the items included and important information about the work product.

News from the Web

Mobile Flash is Dead

Adobe has announced it will discontinue Flash Player for mobile devices. This appears to be a direct result of Apple’s refusal to support Flash on iOS. Adobe are now shifting their focus to HTML5 content creation tools. Does this signal the end of Flash on the PC as well?

Windows 7 is World's #1 OS

According to data released by StatCounter, global user numbers for Windows 7 surpassed those of Windows XP in mid-October, making 7 the world’s most popular OS.

Google Updates Search Algorithm

Google has announced 10 highlights from among the 500 new updates that have been made to their search algorithm. Most important of all is a change which favors recently updated pages for keywords related to current affairs and regularly recurring events, which is said to affect 35% of search results.

David Meowie and Mew Reed?

What would the Web be without the funny cat links?? Aymvisuals came up with the very cute idea of replacing the people on classic album covers with kittens. Nice Photoshop skills.