Newsletter 2011.09


Welcome to the METHOD IT Newsletter for September 2011

New Websites Launched

Two more websites designed, developed and hosted by METHOD IT were launched this month –
Tokyo Fitness
Personal training and group fitness in the park, home or gym in central Tokyo.
Solid Hong Kong
Specializing in Hong Kong company set up, accounting, payroll, tax, audit, and back office support services.

Mobile Websites for WordPress

New METHOD IT Solution – We can create tailor-made themes for Smartphones and Japanese Keitai that plug in to your existing WordPress website, serving your content to users on the move in a light and accessible format.

Tips & Tricks

Healthy PC Use

Working at the computer for long hours without breaks carries all kinds of health risks – RSI, eyestrain and back problems to name a few. These two invaluable pieces of software will give you regular reminders to step away from the PC and show you simple exercises to perform during each break.
Workrave – Windows and Linux (Free)
MacBreakz – Mac (US$24.95, 14 day trial)

A good web-based resource for desk stretches and RSI prevention exercises is

News from the Web

Steve Jobs Resigns

Apple’s CEO and co-founder Steve Jobs resigned on August 25th due to health reasons. COO Tim Cook has been appointed as his successor.

Twitter Users Hit 100 Million

Twitter has released some stats and they’re pretty impressive – 100 million users worldwide with half of them logging on daily.

iPhone 5 Coming Soon

Rumours abound regarding the new iPhone 5, which is likely to appear in the next month or so. Here’s a roundup of the gossip and speculation so far.

Windows 8 Unveiled

The developer preview of Microsoft’s ‘reimagining’ of Windows was released at a keynote address on September 13th. The main selling point is the new Metro interface, designed to take on iOS and Android touchscreen devices. A regular Windows 7 style interface is also available.

Google Flight Search

A new Google system for searching airline schedules and ticket prices has just gone live. The service is currently only available for selected US cities. Here’s hoping it makes its way to Asia soon.