1. Future-proof Your Business

    Future-proof Your Business

    “It is not the strongest that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the ones most responsive to change.”  –Charles Darwin 「 強いものや知的なものが生き残るのではない。変化に適応できるものが生き残るのだ。」チャールズ・ダーウィン  What is Future-proofing? フューチャープルーフとは何ですか? Future-proofing is the concept and process of applying measures which mitigate the shock and impact of future (and often sudden) events. With a careful and logical futureproofing strategy in place, one can have […]

  2. Tokyo-based Recruiting Firm

    Server Administration We have provided full server administration service successfully for over 7 years for a Tokyo-based recruiting firm. During that time, our service has included a full range of server related tasks – creating and deleting users, moving office, monitoring backups and updates, and maintaining an overall stable and fast network. Having an experienced […]

  3. Major Golf Brand

    One of our office setups included a network of twenty workstations for the Japanese branch of a major golf brand. We handled everything – the procurement of hardware and software, as well as introducing three PBX and ISP service providers. We also managed all the setup of rack and router, firewall, switches, servers and workstations, […]

  4. International Eye Care Brand

    A world-renowned eye care brand required an iPad app for their sales departments across Asia to show products to clients. Method IT created a special product catalog app and localizations in multiple languages, including video. The app was distributed via a private corporate app store and is now in use by 600 staff members as […]