Newsletter 2013.02


Welcome to the METHOD IT Newsletter for February 2013

Adding Value to Your IT

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Tips & Tricks

Website Password Security

250,000 Twitter users’ account details may have been compromised by hackers earlier this month. In unrelated incidents, Burger King, Jeep and (ironically) the hacking collective Anonymous suffered some embarrassing vandalism on their Twitter accounts. Twitter later issued a bulletin reminding users of basic password safety guidelines.

So how safe are your web service passwords? Still using the same simple password for multiple sites? Time to switch to something more secure, yet still easy to remember. If you’re stuck for ideas check out our blog post on how to choose a strong password.

Important Software Updates

Several updates, some critical, were released in February for popular operating systems and software –

News from the Web

Top IT Companies Hacked Through Java Exploit

During February computers inside the offices of Apple, Microsoft, Facebook and possibly Twitter were breached by malware executed through a Java security hole. The source of the hack was a popular website which provides resources for iPhone app developers. According to statements, these hacks pose no threat to the companies’ end users. Both Oracle and Apple have released security fixes for the problem.

IT Videos of the Month

BlackBerry decided to launch their new smartphone and OS with this surreal commercial shown during Superbowl in the US to mixed responses.

Microsoft are on a trendy marketing blitz too – pandering to ’90s kids with some clever nostalgia in their new Internet Explorer campaign, and using breakdancing office workers to plug the Surface Pro tablet for the enterprise.

Google released a new promotional video for the upcoming tech specs ‘Google Glass’, showing off some cool first-person views of how the net-connected glasses will work.

A Roomba for Your Smartphone

Are you forever wiping nasty fingerprints and stains off your smartphone or tablet screen? Takara Tomy in Japan have come up with ‘AutoMee’, a very cute, tiny version of a robot vacuum cleaner to do the grunt work for you.