Newsletter 2013.01


Welcome to the METHOD IT Newsletter for January 2013

Device Security

How secure are the desktops, laptops and mobile devices used daily in your workplace? How are they affecting your IT infrastructure and internal security? Are you able to keep a close eye on their usage and movement? When it comes to IT security it’s better to be pro-active not re-active! Let us make a thorough assessment of your equipment, infrastructure, and overall security and advise on problem areas before trouble arises.

App Development

Smartphones are everywhere you look and tablet sales are set to surpass those of PCs in the next few years. You simply can’t afford to ignore mobile devices. We offer an all-inclusive threefold approach to help you deliver to iPhone, iPad and Android users.

Tips & Tricks

Check your Java Security

A critical Java security flaw affecting Windows, Mac and Linux users was recently in the headlines, prompting the US Department of Homeland Security to recommend disabling Java altogether. Java distributor Oracle advises users to update immediately, or otherwise follow the advice of uninstalling the software if it is not required. ZDNet has prepared a guide for users who wish to disable Java on Windows or Mac and in major web browsers.

News from the Web

Facebook Launches Powerful New Search

On January 15th Facebook released ‘Graph Search’, a search tool that returns results from within the social network for queries such as ‘Photos taken by my friends in Japan after 2008’, ‘People who like beer and live nearby’ or ‘Music Apple employees like’.
Blog ‘Actual Facebook Graph Searches‘ has made the headlines by highlighting cases, some very funny, where Graph Search can be used to uncover potentially damaging personal information.

CES 2013 Roundup

The International Consumer Electronics Show 2013 was held from January 8th-11th in Las Vegas, USA. CES is a major annual technology-related trade show that offers a preview of upcoming IT trends and new gear. Check out our collection of CES 2013 news and videos from the Web to catch up on the best of show.

New MS Office Arrives

Microsoft released the latest version of their Office suite to home and academic users on January 29th. This marks a major push for the Microsoft cloud through the world’s most popular office software. Office now has a redesigned touchscreen-friendly interface, documents in the cloud, Skype integration and a new annual subscription model that includes access to the cloud-based Office 365 with continuous upgrades. Business users of Office 365 will have to wait until late February to see the latest features.

New Wave of Smartphone OS

January saw the announcement of two new, open-source operating systems for smartphones. One of the world’s most popular Linux distributions, Ubuntu, was unveiled in a version compatible with high-end Android handsets that promises to turn your mobile device into a fully functional desktop PC.
Later in the month the Mozilla foundation announced Firefox OS, which will come pre-installed on lower-spec hardware made by Spanish firm Geeksphone and target emerging markets. In keeping with the open-source ethos, Firefox OS runs web apps written in HTML 5.

Google Chairman Visits North Korea

Eric Schmidt, chairman of Google, and his daughter Sophie visited North Korea this month as part of an American humanitarian mission. The Schimdts claim the trip was personal and not made representing Google in any capacity. Both father and daughter have published interesting accounts of their time in the cloistered country and the technology they encountered there.

White House Refuses to Build Death Star

The US government recently issued a tongue-in-cheek response to an Internet petition signed by over 34,000 people, requesting they begin construction of a Star Wars-style Death Star battle station in space. The reply is wittily titled ‘This Isn’t the Petition Response You’re Looking For’.