iOS 7 Primer


The updated iPhone 5S and the new look iPhone 5C have arrived, but the most drastic change of all is in the software – yes, that’ll be iOS 7. The completely overhauled OS is available for download on older iPhones and iPads now. Should you upgrade? What’s changed? What’s new? We’ve gathered all the best from the Web into one handy guide for you.

Getting ready to upgrade

Find out where your current iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad stands and what new features you’ll be able to use with this definitive iOS 7 compatibility chart from If your model doesn’t appear in the chart, unfortunately you won’t be able to upgrade.

Just in case your Apple goes pear-shaped, there are a few steps everyone should take before upgrading their iPhone/iPad.


What’s changed? What’s new?

iOS has more or less looked the same since its debut in 2007, gradually evolving with tweaks and extra features appearing in each new version without too much deviation from an established style. (For more details check out this cool visual history of iOS.)


iOS 7 fonts hard to read? You can make them larger by going to Settings > General > Text Size and dragging the slider.
Still too thin? You can make them bold by going to Settings > General > Accessibility > Bold Text and flipping the switch to green.

The sudden leap from the comfy and familiar iOS 6 to iOS 7 can be jarring, true, but it’s not all doom and dayglo.

CNET have been balanced in their coverage, producing three reports to help you make up your mind:

MacRumors put together this guide to the most obvious new features of iOS 7, while the Verge produced a very pretty interactive guide to the lesser known, hidden goodies in iOS 7.

But it’s not just the OS. App developers have been working hard over the past few months to bring their apps in line with the new iOS 7 look and feel. Business Insider put together some before-and-after comparisons of popular apps in their iOS 6 and 7 incarnations. It’s a matter of taste, so see which you prefer.


If the new animations and home screen ‘parallax effect’ make you woozy, try going to Settings > General > Accessibility > Reduce Motion and flipping the switch to green.

Docking with the enterprise

ios7-business-dos-donts-infographicCompared to earlier versions, iOS 7 offers an improved experience for business users.


Experiencing rapid battery drain after upgrading to iOS 7? Check out this iOS 7 battery life issues troubleshooting guide.

Still on the fence?

Don’t cry!

There really is lots of great new stuff in iOS 7, once you get past the initial shock of the new design. Unfortunately it proved to be all too much for this four-year-old boy who just wanted a game of Plants vs Zombies.

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