1. Localization | Translation

    Localization | Translation

    Website translation with English and Japanese language functions, industry-specific press releases, interpreting services for client relations and translation for labeling and packaging are an integral part of the METHOD Managed localization service.

  2. E-commerce in Japan

    E-commerce in Japan

    If your brand has no existing e-commerce presence, or if you already have a Shopify or WooCommerce site, METHOD Managed can localize for Japan.

  3. Dynamics: Connect with your customers

    Dynamics: Connect with your customers

    Do you know who your best customers are? Are you focusing on the right opportunities? Can you spend more time with customers and less on routine tasks? How can you improve your sales-win ratio? Take a look into Dynamics.

  4. Offshore IT Development

    Offshore IT Development

    Game-changing, quality offshore IT development – flexible managed Enterprise, Dynamic Web, CMS, and Mobile development services for businesses in Asia-Pacific.