Game-changing Quality Offshore IT Development

The technology landscape changes rapidly

Maintaining up-to-date skillsets across varied technologies, entirely in house, is costly.

Modern methods of development and communication tools allow a more distributed approach, thus increasing flexibility and reducing overheads.

METHOD IT have addressed this market by providing our customers with a high quality managed development service.


  • We have gone way beyond outsourcing to deliver a quality managed service for your IT development needs.
  • This allows you to reduce your costs or increase project margins without sacrificing trust or quality.
  • Our experienced management layer will provide a single point of content and dedicated project management. Giving you piece of mind.
  • We offer multi-lingual as well as multi-cultural development experience, including 10 years delivering products in Japan, this means we understand the international IT landscape.
  • Our aim: To simply take the stress out of your development roadmap.

What Exactly?

We offer a talent-based development service managed on the ground by with over 15 development resources handpicked for their skills in delivering solutions in the following areas:


Bespoke scalable database driven solutions: PHP (multitude of frameworks), Java, node.js, elasticsearch, NoSQL databases as well as RDS.

Dynamic Web

Front end JavaScript frameworks (angular, ember, react, HTML5)


Content Management Systems and E-commerce, all with a dynamic front end


App development, hybrid apps, as well as mobile internet and responsive front end (Bootstrap)


An International management team on location with 15 years experience of delivering projects for big and small brands alike around the globe means we are always looking out for your interests.

Our flexible service model also means we deliver what you need when you need it:

Dedicated Individual or Team

A hand picked dedicated individual/team contracted only to you, but part of a larger skilled team that provide support and assistance.

Day Rate

An extremely flexible solution for ad-hoc development, bug fixing and support. Specialists costed by the day.

Project Based Service

A flexible and cost effective approach assisting you to provide your project requirement to your clients, while understanding your costs. This offers:

  • Scoping with our management team
  • Adherence to an agreed Statement of Work
  • Hand picked team for the period your project
  • Transparent and agreed budget
  • Proper QA and PM


Our Promise


  • Recruiting and maintaining talented developers and dedicating that talent to you.
  • Finding the right people for the job and choosing the right technology for the project.
  • Dedicated, experienced management on the ground.
  • Making use of the resources available to the IT community – we always use plugins and open source code as well as build in a modular way to expedite our development process.
  • Getting it right through proper scoping and making sure it is right through proper QA techniques.
  • An Agile approach to development to provide flexibility to the changes that inevitably will happen over the lifetime of a project.
  • Working transparently so you know what you are getting at all times.
  • Continual communication so we will be in regular contact.
  • Using a suite of online tools that allows us to provide this service to you.


The Changing Landscape


Technology is our business. We ensure we stay on top of the latest technology developments so we can advise you.

Some of the areas we have been focussing our research on recently:

  • The advance of JavaScript frameworks and isomorphic ways of developing (using the same technology throughout the project) – particularly through new technology stacks like MEAN.js (MongoDB, express, angular and node)
  • The native app versus hybrid argument – with advances in technologies like react.js, the advantages of building native apps as opposed to using cross platform web based technologies are diminishing.
  • Big data means NoSQL databases are coming to the fore. We have spent a long time investigating elasticsearch to provide seamless and instantaneous caching of large amounts of data. The key phrase here is horizontal scalability.
  • Mobilegeddon – with Google now forcing the hands of developers to think properly about their mobile offering, a lot of brands are now taking a mobile-first strategy rather than offering simple responsiveness.

We want to bring this knowledge and perspective when we discuss your IT solutions.


  • With our operations in the Philippines, we have been able to establish a very competitively costed team of talented developers.
  • This allows you to reduce your costs or increase project margins without sacrificing trust or quality.
  • We are flexible with our services so they are tailored to your individual requirements. That way you only pay for what you need.

Here are just some of the brands the management team has delivered to over their years in the business:

and some of the brands the development team has worked for:

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