WordPress Web Hosting for Business

  • 28%

    of websites are built with WordPress

  • 60%

    of CMS-driven sites use WordPress

  • 27%

    of the top 10,000 sites use WordPress

Impressive stats, but not all WordPress sites are equal.

No matter how great your WordPress site looks on the front end, settling for a low-cost hosting solution can hamper its performance and impact your business.

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Getting unwanted extras with your current WordPress setup?

Slow loading times

Site hacked

Servers going down
Overloaded, bandwidth exceeded, or just plain unreliable


Need to rethink your WordPress workflow?

By having only a single installation of WordPress, you’re making updates and editing content straight on your production website. Risky business.

Without a solid backup service, you’ll need a developer to manually restore your site after a hack, or when an update goes wrong.

Why Choose METHOD IT?

Why Choose METHOD IT?

Our WordPress hosting solution with WP Engine is fit for enterprise-level websites:

  • 99.9% uptime, in a scalable environment that can seamlessly handle large spikes in traffic
  • Served from Data Centers around the world, including Tokyo, Taiwan, and Sydney for Asia-Pacific
  • World-class security to prevent DDOS attacks, brute force login attempts, and code injection
  • Custom WordPress caching system for fast page loading times
  • Access to a global Content Distribution Network (CDN) – your WordPress theme and media files are served from the location nearest to the user, further increasing site speed
  • Automated daily backups and backups on demand
  • SSL certificates – make your site HTTPS for improved security, trustworthiness, and search engine ranking
  • Version control with Git and SSH access
  • METHOD IT offers peace of mind, with 10+ years experience in designing and developing WordPress sites, on top of 20 years providing IT services to foreign businesses in Japan and Hong Kong.
  • We are a registered WP Engine Agency Partner
  • At time of writing, we are the only WP Engine Agency Partner in Japan offering bilingual service.


Environmentally Sound

Environmentally Sound

Using WordPress doesn’t have to mean abandoning a professional web development workflow.

We offer and administer two-tier (Staging + Production) or three-tier (Development + Staging + Production) schemes.

  • Thoroughly test and approve changes before they go live
  • Copy between environments
  • Roll any environment back to a previous state
How Quickly?

How Quickly?

Giving your WordPress site a back-end boost isn’t as time consuming as it sounds.

24 hours

  • Migration from your current WordPress host

1 hour

  • Full restore of the site to a previous state
  • Make your site HTTPS

30 minutes

  • Global roll out from staging to production
More WordPress Services

More WordPress Services

WordPress site audit

Let us identify issues causing site slowdown and display problems.
We then prepare a detailed audit and action plan, covering hosting, design, and development solutions that can be rolled out in stages.

WordPress migrations

We move your current site from another CMS, or even static pages, to WordPress.

WordPress upgrades

Give your old content a new lease of life with a reskin.
Add new features like eCommerce, listings, members-only areas, and more.

WordPress landing page templates

Turn around landing pages for campaigns and events super fast with tailor-made templates, integrated with your choice of page builder or managed via custom fields.

DNS hosting

Further increase site speed, security, and stability by switching your DNS to CloudFlare. We help you all the way. Find out more here

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