Can your website survive the Google Mobilegeddon?

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  • What on Earth?


    Starting April 21st 2015, Google mobile search results will favor websites optimized for viewing on mobile devices.

Don’t Panic!

Check to see if your website will spin off into the mobile search abyss – or not – using Google’s Mobile-friendly test tool.
Just enter your site’s address into the box below, throw the switch, and hope for the best.

No Go?

  • Got a negative result? Get in touch with our Web Development team, we're a dab hand at fixing these kind of things!
  • Heard about Responsive Websites? They change their layout on-the-fly for PC, smartphones and tablets, and are future-proof because they don't target specific mobile devices.
  • We can give your website a Responsive Design overhaul that will get you a 'Mobile-friendly' mark in Google search results.

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