Admin & Support

Having trouble staying on top of your office technology? Let us handle IT. We offer customizable admin and support solutions to cover every hardware, software or network eventuality, acting as your on-call IT experts or boosting your in-house team.


Your Concerns

  • I have new staff coming in and it takes us forever to setup their PCs.
  • I have a new batch of IT gear that needs to be connected to our current systems and set up to each user’s specifications.
  • I need a reliable, bilingual IT helpdesk for my company with problem/solution tracking and quick response time.
  • I don't have enough IT work to justify hiring another member of staff but there are some pressing tasks or projects I need done ASAP.
  • I have great all-around IT staff in-house but there are some specialist areas where we need outside help.
  • I'm having trouble with email/file sharing/networking, my staff can't get it to work and I need it fixed now!
  • I need someone to take control of our office servers, keeping them up-to-date and running smoothly. I'd also appreciate advice on upgrades that would improve efficiency and reliability.
  • I need some new equipment but I'm not sure what to choose or how to go about ordering it.
  • I need someone with IT expertise on the ground that speaks my language.
  • I'm concerned about cost management when working with external IT companies.

Why Choose METHOD IT?

  • Our experienced team make short work of every day IT tasks such as setting up user accounts and configuring PCs and related devices in your office or server room.
  • Sometimes your IT requirements don’t justify full or part time staff. Our clients have a full team of experts with a wide range of tech skills at their disposal, but only when they need them.
  • We have assisted large organizations with specialist projects and often help form the missing piece of the IT puzzle.
  • We prioritize support by severity. If you’re out of action we will drop everything to get you back up-and-running. We will pursue issues as far as we can and find out who to escalate to. We never pass the buck.
  • Our Service Level Agreement (SLA) Help Desk Support system is all about simple, fast, and friendly. We just fix it. This will help keep your staff productive and at their best. We are drawing from years of experience, as SLA Help Desk Support is where METHOD IT first began. We continue to provide fast and friendly solutions in a variety of areas across a wide range of hardware, software, business environments and industries. We offer onsite or remote support with quick response times for printers, routers and hardware issues.
  • Making sure your servers are administrated properly and running smoothly 24/7 is mission critical for any business. We can provide the full range of services to assist your organization and take away the daunting task of both building and maintaining your server infrastructure. We have a highly skilled and experienced team with years of experience in server infrastructure.
  • We have a large network of partners in Asia, such as HP and Dell, which we can leverage to find you all the hardware and software you need at competitive prices. If you’re not sure what to choose just contact us and we will be happy to help.
  • We have native English, Japanese and Chinese speaking staff to help you break down any communications barriers you have. Our clients often find Asia a frustrating environment to do business in, and relations can become extremely stressed when trying to carry out complex IT tasks from a distance. We work with IT staff in many time-zones – New York, London, India and Australia to name but a few.
  • When you work with us we value the relationship above all else. We believe in straightforward, honest communication and we will be the first to let you know if things are getting out of hand. Our project management systems allow you visibility on projects and we can establish quotas to help manage budgets.
  • For a complementary service that allows you to discover your problems before they discover you see IT Management solutions.
  • Find out more about our four types of IT admin and support package