Newsletter 2018.08


Welcome to the METHOD IT Newsletter for August 2018

Tokyo Office Space in Cool Neighborhood with On-site Tech Support • 東京オフィススペースレンタル

MethodSpace | Jingumae

A fully-featured rental office with on-site tech support by METHOD IT

  • Minutes from the coolest, most dynamic areas of Tokyo
  • Superb light
  • Peaceful surroundings

METHOD IT によるオンサイトのITサポート付き!3駅(原宿、表参道、渋谷)利用可能な、全てが揃ったレンタルオフィス。

  • 東京の最もクールな場所から歩いて数分!
  • 美しい採光
  • 静かな環境

5 Must-have Microsoft Apps

Five essential Microsoft apps for Office 365 users on the move – from exciting new arrival Whiteboard to the indispensable Teams and more.

More Microsoft Surface Go Videos Arrive

Microsoft just released a series of short, sweet promos for the upcoming Surface Go, highlighting its portability and versatility. Check out all ten spots and the Surface Go launch video in our playlist.

Why should your small-midsize business use Office 365?

Lower the total cost of ownership while improving productivity, protect your devices and data with world-class security, work and collaborate from anywhere with familiar Office apps. Download a free white paper on the economic impact of Office 365.

Why move your data to the cloud?

How can the cloud help your business? Back up your mission-critical data, protect it with world-class security, and mitigate the impact of disasters on operations. Download a free white paper now.

Are you connecting with your customers?

Do you know who your best customers are? Are you focusing on the right opportunities? Can you spend more time with customers and less on routine tasks? How can you improve your sales-win ratio? Take a look at how Dynamics can help.

News from the Web

Office 365 Update for August 2018

Microsoft Whiteboard • OneDrive Activity Center • My Analytics Nudges • Kaizala • Power BI • Live Events • Workplace Analytics

Tip: Set an email flag, reminder, or color in Outlook 2016

New Microsoft 365 Public Roadmap Out Soon

The current Microsoft Office 365 Roadmap, which highlights upcoming and recently released new features, is about to get an upgrade mid-September. The revamped Microsoft 365 Roadmap will cover updates for Office 365, Windows 10, Azure, and Enterprise Mobility Suite, and have an RSS feed for setting up real-time notifications in Outlook. Follow us for the latest on the new roadmap.

Big tech warns of 'Japan's millennium bug' ahead of Akihito's abdication

The Japanese emperor’s 2019 exit will be the first era change of the information age, and the switchover could be as big as Y2K say industry figures.

Samsung is about to make 4TB SSDs and mobile storage cheaper

Mass production of 4TB QLC SSDs is underway. The same technology will be used to produce a 128GB memory card for smartphones.