Newsletter 2018.07


Welcome to the METHOD IT Newsletter for July 2018

Microsoft Announces New Low-Cost Surface Go [video]

Microsoft just announced the Surface Go – a low-cost device modelled on the Surface Pro, with prices starting at US$399. Contact us for Japan availability.

Microsoft Business Applications Summit 2018

David Arthur Kinney and Alex Catlin of METHOD IT will be attending the Microsoft Business Applications Summit in Seattle, Washington, July 24-28, 2018.

Surface Hub 2. Hubba Hubba. [video]

Confession – we can’t stop thinking about the Surface Hub 2 and how cool it would look in our clients’ offices. Check out the official video for yourself and follow us for Japan availability.

Chrome Countdown – Time to secure your website with HTTPS

Google Chrome 68, due late July 2018, will mark all http sites as ‘not secure’ in the browser’s address bar. Find out how this will impact your website.

Warning – Microsoft Office 365 Phishing Email

An email scam designed to harvest Office 365 login details is currently doing the rounds. Find out how to spot this and other, similar phishing campaign.

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