Newsletter 2015.12


Welcome to the METHOD IT Newsletter for December 2015

dAk Interview

2015_12_method_news_apac_cio_outlook_interviewAPAC CIO Outlook recently interviewed METHOD IT founder and director David Arthur Kinney for a special on the 25 most promising Microsoft solution providers in the Asia-Pacific region.

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Tips & Tricks

Essential business email tips

11 common features to help you get the most out of email in your organization.

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Find your perfect private cloud match

There are 3 types of private cloud, so which one is right for your business?

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6 productivity tips from Satya Nadella

Direct from the day-to-day schedule of the Microsoft CEO – how to work more efficiently with Office 365 and Windows 10.

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Hiring an iPhone App Developer

7 factors to consider when looking to outsource iOS app development.

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No more Chrome for old Windows and OS X

From next April the Google Chrome browser will no longer be updated for Windows XP, Windows Vista, and OS X 10.6 – 10.8.

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News from the Web

New Skype for Business simplifies communications

The latest Skype for Business lets IT manage all your diverse voice and video communications technologies on one cloud-based platform.

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How to upgrade your Surface to Windows 10

This new video from Microsoft runs through upgrading your Surface Pro 3 from Windows 8.1 to the free Windows 10.

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iPad Pro Review

The big, bad 12.9-inch iPad has landed. How does it perform? Just how good is that keyboard cover and the Apple Pencil? Find out more in this Mashable review.

Dynamics CRM 2016 unveiled

Microsoft’s new CRM Business Applications Leader recently announced the release of Dynamics CRM 2016 in a blog post. New features include better integration with Outlook, Excel and other Office 365 apps, improved mobile capabilities for phones and tablets, personalized customer experiences, and machine learning-based intelligent prediction of trends in your sales pipeline.

In-flight Wi-Fi on the up

Gogo, one of the largest suppliers of Wi-Fi for airplanes, has unveiled a new system promising 70Mbps of bandwidth – that’s close to seven times the speed of the current fastest offering.

IT execs weigh in on mobile and desktop OS convergence

As the boundaries between mobile and desktop operating systems continue to blur (especially in the case of Windows 10), a merger of the two is sure to happen in the near future. IT pros share their thoughts on the benefits and challenges of handling converged environments.

Windows 10 set to be most used version in history

According to a recent Gartner report, Windows 10 adoption is moving at a pace which will see it fast becoming the most popular version of the OS ever. 50% of large enterprises are set to be using Windows 10 by 2017.

Digital Assistant Cortana coming to iOS

Stepping onto Siri’s turf, Microsoft digital assistant Cortana just made its iOS debut for select beta testers. A similar release for Android was made earlier in the year, so along with its inclusion in Windows 10, Cortana is shaping up to be a truly cross-platform tool for managing your schedule.

Microsoft Office ready for iPad Pro

Thinking about taking the plunge on the iPad Pro for business? You’ll be pleased to know all the familiar Microsoft Office apps are ready to go and optimized for Apple’s new high-performance tablet.

Adobe Flash rebranded as Animate

With HTML5 now center stage for web-based applications, Adobe Flash Professional CC has been renamed Adobe Animate CC and fitted out with some new design and animation tools.

Sci-fi kitchen table teaches you how to cook

Ikea’s smart Table for Living, developed as a concept for the kitchen of 2025, can scan ingredients and suggest recipes, projecting the necessary steps on to its surface from above.

Everything I need to know about IT security I learned from Star Wars

Less than two weeks to go till The Force Awakens! Looking back to the original Star Wars trilogy, what can Jedi Knights and even Ewoks teach us about tech security?