Newsletter 2015.11


Welcome to the METHOD IT Newsletter for November 2015

New Hong Kong IT Startup Incubator

campaign-hk-office-space-03Got a budding tech business? Join us in the METHOD IT Hong Kong office. A great environment for Microsoft developers and BizSpark startups!

Ask us about IT on Yammer!

1280x720-yammer-blueCome on over to our new Yammer network, where you can directly ask the global METHOD IT team any questions about business tech solutions.

Tips & Tricks

Pep up your Surface Pro 3 with a new Type Cover

The recently released Surface Pro 4 Type Cover is also fully compatible with Surface Pro 3. The improved keyboard and trackpad make for a nice upgrade that can breathe new life into the machine.

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Office 365 Productivity Boosters

7 ways to increase productivity and collaboration in your business by using Office 365 – Microsoft’s fastest-growing commercial product ever and the number one deployed application in the enterprise.

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Reclaim space on your iPhone

Simple tips for making room on your iPhone to install iOS 9, but also great for doing from time-to-time to free up space in general.

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News from the Web

Surface Pro 4 in 1 minute

A mini review of the latest upgrade to Microsoft’s flagship tablet/laptop hybrid.

iPhone 6S Plus hands-on

Thinking about getting an iPhone 6S Plus? This glowing review makes it even more tempting.

Quick and easy Skype group chats for all

Skype chats are no longer restricted to your contacts! A new feature rolling out worldwide lets you send a link to invite anyone into a group chat through Skype for Web.

Mobile scanner Office Lens gets new business features

Incredibly handy pocket scanner app Office Lens just got even better – iPhone, Android and Windows Phone users can now convert scanned business cards into digital contacts. iPhone users can also share documents with others securely through a work Office 365 account.

Skype for Business out now on iOS

Following the PC, the Lync 2013 app on iOS has now been replaced by Skype for Business. Skype for Business comes as part of Office 365 and is a powered-up version of the familiar consumer app, made suitable for deployment in the enterprise – think security, compliance and control.

G'day to the tiniest $99 Windows 10 desktop around

Dubbed ‘The world’s smallest personal, powerful, portable PC’ by its maker InFocus, the Kangaroo is the size of your average smartphone, has notebook-level specs, runs Windows 10, can be used with just two cables, and costs $99. A free app will even let you use your iPad as the Kangaroo’s monitor.

2015 - The year of Mac malware

A recent report found 948 instances of OS X malware in circulation this year – five times more than the previous five years combined.

Public Facebook posts now searchable

Time to check your Facebook post settings, people! Around two trillion public posts have been indexed and can now be searched by anyone with a Facebook account.