Newsletter 2015.03


Welcome to the METHOD IT Newsletter for March 2015

5 Microsoft Azure Myths Debunked

2015_03_method_news_five_azure_myths_debunkedDon’t believe everything you hear about Microsoft Azure cloud solutions. Check out this myth-busting Azure infographic and introductory video. Knowledge is power!

We're Hiring!

2015_03_method_news_jobsDue to increasing demand we urgently require additional IT Specialists in Japan to join our great team and deliver innovative tech solutions and support to great clients. We love to hear from people with a huge passion for technology and superior client service.


Tips & Tricks

8 Lessons You Can Learn From Watching Steve Jobs Run a Meeting

These key points from a 1985 video of Steve Jobs chairing a meeting at NeXT can be easily applied to meetings in your organization.
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Best iOS and Android Apps of Spring 2015

A reviewer picks the best business and productivity mobile apps of the year so far.
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Online Tools for Image Editing

Five handy services which help you crop and resize images for your website or social media posts.
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34 Ways to Improve your iPhone's Battery Life

A smorgasbord of tips on how to squeeze more juice out of your Apple devices.
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News from the Web

WiFi in Top Hotels Has Major Security Hole

Security firm Cylance has discovered a serious flaw in network routers used by some of the world’s biggest hotel chains. Guests connected to the hotel WiFi could potentially be served malware and have their data monitored or recorded. Using this exploit hackers might even gain access to reservation and keycard systems.

Office 365 Usage 'Skyrocketing', Overtakes Google Apps

Several security service providers have noticed a rising trend in the enterprise over recent months – Office 365 usage has surpassed both Google Apps and Box, and looks set to overtake Salesforce later this year. Find out why in this Business Insider report.

Free Preview of Office 2016 for Mac Released

Mac users have been waiting for an updated MS Office suite that matches its Windows counterpart since 2010. A preview version of Office 2016 for Mac is now available for free and it’s looking good! Here’s a walk through the new interface and some of the latest features.

Apple Watch and New Macbook Unveiled

At a March 9 event Apple launched – according to CEO Tim Cook – the “most advanced timepiece ever created” in the Apple Watch, along with a revamped, ultra-light, fanless, 12-inch Macbook. Find everything you need to know about the specs and features of Apple Watch and the new Macbook in this roundup.

Azure Beats Amazon and Google for Mobile Development

An in-depth, head-to-head review of MBaaS (mobile back end as a service) platforms at InfoWorld shows Microsoft Azure’s tools for iOS and Android developers trumping both Amazon and Google cloud services.

IKEA Furniture to Feature Wireless Mobile Charging

Imagine being able to charge your smartphone’s battery just by placing it on a desk or bedside table – no wires, no sockets, no clutter. IKEA announced a new range of furniture fitted with Qi wireless chargers that do just this at Mobile World Congress 2015.

Why are People So Mean Online?

A fascinating BBC investigation into cyber-gossip, trolling, and net negativity – “The internet acts like a kind of digital-fuelled alcohol, freeing us to say things to strangers that we would never dare to say if we met them.”