Newsletter 2014.11


Welcome to the METHOD IT Newsletter for November 2014

New Hong Kong Office

Our Hong Kong team just moved to a gorgeous, spacious new office. Why not make an appointment to drop in and check the place out? Don’t forget to update your contact details using the vCard file available on our website.

Tips & Tricks

Skype Tips for Small Businesses

Five interesting ways SMB can put Skype to good, cost-effective use.
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Master Microsoft OneDrive

Fourteen tips to help you get the most out of OneDrive – Microsoft’s Dropbox/Google Drive alternative with full Office Online integration.
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News from the Web

MS Office Free for Mobile Devices

In the first of several surprise Microsoft announcements this month, the Word, Excel, and PowerPoint apps for iPhone/iPad and Android are now free. Find out exactly which features are available in the free versions and which require an Office 365 subscription.

.NET Goes Open Source

Microsoft .NET, the standard for Windows development for more than 12 years, is at long last coming to Mac and Linux. The full server-side .NET core stack will be open-sourced in a joint-venture between Microsoft and the Mono community.

New Skype for Business, Web, and Office Online

Plenty of developments in the Skype world too, as the newly announced Skype for Business is set to replace Microsoft Lync next year.
Also on the cards are Skype for Web which runs completely in the browser, and Skype-powered chat for Office Online.

Facebook Developing Business Social Network

Rumored for a January 2015 release and looking to take on both LinkedIn and Yammer, Facebook at Work will allow users to maintain a separate professional Facebook account and collaborate with co-workers using chat and file-sharing.

Mysterious Regin Malware the Most Complex Ever Seen

Symantec recently published details of its discovery of the ‘Regin’ Trojan, apparently active since 2003 and used to spy on PCs around the world while barely leaving a trace. Regin’s complexity suggests it was developed by a nation state. The majority of infections were found in Russia and Saudi Arabia.

Spy Malware Targets Executives in Asian Hotels

Newly exposed malware dubbed ‘DarkHotel’ has been in use since 2007 to selectively snoop on business executives after they install seemingly innocent software such as Flash Player on their PCs while connected to a hotel’s Wi-Fi network. The bulk of reported attacks took place in Japan, followed by Taiwan, China, Russia, and Korea.

Cyborg Cockroach to the Rescue

[Image edited to protect the squeamish]
Researchers at North Carolina State University have developed a tiny hi-tech backpack which turns a cockroach into a ‘biobot’ that can help find disaster victims buried under rubble.