Newsletter 2014.07


Welcome to the METHOD IT Newsletter for July 2014

The Future of Microsoft Products and Services

METHOD IT was in attendance at Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference 2014, held in Washington DC from July 13-17. Some major announcements were made about Office 365, the Windows family, Azure and the future of Microsoft services. Get all the juicy bits in bite-sized chunks to take away.

Tips & Tricks

IT Security Checklist for Small Businesses

Six questions SMBs should ask to determine their cybersecurity readiness.
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Office 365 Migration Gotchas

Some of the stumbling blocks you may encounter moving from on-site Office and Exchange to Microsoft’s cloud-based Office 365.
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Search Engine Snake Oil

An eye-opening list of ten lies you should never believe from SEO ‘gurus’.
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Web Services That Make Your Life Easier

Ten extremely helpful web-based tools for business and personal use. Plenty of love here for Hootsuite and IFTTT in particular.
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News from the Web

Japanese SE Steals Personal Data of Millions

In a stark reminder that one of the biggest IT security threats is the insider, a Systems Engineer in Japan was arrested for copying the personal data of millions of Benesse customers and selling it to rival companies.

Office 365 Roadmap Unveiled

Microsoft made its Office 365 for business roadmap public this month. Now you can check out all the cool new features in the pipeline with detailed descriptions and screenshots.

Apple and IBM Join Forces for Enterprise iOS

A new deal between Apple and IBM will see Big Blue selling iPhones and iPads to clients, the development of over 100 industry-specific iOS apps for large businesses tied into the IBM cloud, and the launch of enterprise-grade Apple Care.

Adobe and Google Release Free CJK Font

Due to the massive number of glyphs, good quality free East Asian fonts are very hard to come by. Released on July 15, Source Han Sans is a new open-source typeface family produced by Adobe in collaboration with Google. The font is available in seven weights and fully supports Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Japanese and Korean.

Amazing Data Driven Websites

Ten sites with impressive visuals and realtime maps that bring home what can be done with online data and just how much it can reveal. If you use Google Maps on your smartphone be sure to check out number seven.

Grandma's Helpdesk

Are you the tech-savvy member of the family? Then you may well catch yourself doing impromptu IT support for your relatives over the summer vacation. This slideshow is so spot on we don’t know whether to laugh or cry!